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Treasury Department Sanctions Five Russians Per Trump Investigation

The United States Department of Treasury has just announced multiple sanctions or Russian officials, which is certain to further rock the boat of America-Russia relations.

When the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year; it was a sign of unity and strength that the entire world could have witnessed a pact to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth and further unify the superpowers towards the greater good of the planet.

Despite these attempts at peace, the Treasury today is determined to act on behalf of the Deep State and throw a wrench into the peace process, in announcing these new sanctions.

The newest five Russians to be added to the list of sanctions will do so under the<a href=""> Sergei Magnitsky Act of 2012</a>, where bipartisan membership of Congress attempted to rile up relations against Russia acting on behalf of their Deep State puppet masters who seemingly are determined to spark a conflict with Russia.

A total of 44 others are currently on the list as per the Magnitsky Act, which of course is named after a deceased Russian whistleblower. With these first designations under the Trump administration, that brings the total number of people targeted under the act to 49.

“Treasury remains committed to holding accountable those involved in the Sergei Magnitsky affair, including those with a role in the criminal conspiracy and fraud scheme that he uncovered,” Director of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control John Smith said in a statement, according to<a href=""> Reuters</a>.

Vladimir Putin has, of course, denounced this action, calling it a “purely political, unfriendly act”, of which he's wholeheartedly correct.

Putin has long since criticized American “Democracy” as being a “myth”, of which he's essentially said that it the people of the United States of America, whom he says he greatly respects, vote to decide a mandate or a set of policies, that the American hidden hand (Deep State) works against the interests of the people in order to subvert their desires whilst fulfilling their own international goals.

For the Deep State, apparently, war is endless profit and debt; something that bolsters the elite who own the military weaponry, steel and metal industries, ammunition and gun manufacturers, as well as mineral excavation and trade.

It's the truth, and dare I agree with Vladimir Putin here, but he's right. President Trump has consistently pushed for peace with Russia and here we have the Deep State at every turn using other government agencies and departments to undermine the President.

As part of these sanctions, any assets inside of America belonging to those who have been sanctioned will essentially be frozen and confiscated (its theft, let's be honest) by the Federal Government.

I'm all for freezing and seizing assets of terrorists, terror cells, or criminals. I've yet to see what these individuals have done wrong, however.

Not to mention one of the people who's sanctioned now, is the leader of Chechnya (seriously).

Yes, the Treasury Department just placed sanctions on Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic, who has repeatedly attempted to battle Islamic extremism in this region of the world. Insanity.

“As the head of the Chechen Republic, Kadyrov oversees an administration involved in disappearances and extrajudicial killings,” the Treasury Department said in a statement. “One of Kadyrov’s political opponents was believed to have been murdered at Kadyrov’s direction, after making allegations of torture and ill-treatment taking place in Chechnya, including alleged torture carried out by Kadyrov personally.”

Apparently, the Deep State believes that America should be worldwide police. That's preposterous.

The true meaning behind this is that Kadyrov has become a strong ally of Vladimir Putin, uniting the Chechen Republic with Russia yet again, after decades of American-backed insurgencies which carried out attacks on civilians in Russia.

Kadyrov calls himself “Putin’s foot soldier,” and has on multiple occasions said that he is “ready to die for, to fulfill any order.”

It's a sense of loyalty amongst the two Mongolian peoples, that the Deep State fears.

Despite Eastern-European relations, America had long since viewed Russia as an enemy, which in my opinion is ridiculous when there are legitimate threats from Islam, who are conquering the globe, and China, who are becoming a rising military threat in the Pacific and also now the world's leading economy.

America and Russia could counter much of the efforts of BRICS and various Chinese-Russian-Iranian relations by building progress with Russia in joint operations (see: the International Space Station and its successes).

Democrats are trying to ensure that President Trump doesn't have a strong relationship with Vladimir Putin, and many of them have long pushed for these sanctions to ensure that a friendship isn't built between the two leaders.

This is what the President of the United States of America has to face now, with the Deep State working against every move internationally towards peace. A real tragedy.

President Trump, however, has continued to battle back against the Deep State, and every time they try and undermine him he delivers a devastating blow towards their strength, such as he has done in Syria by ending all funding of the alleged “moderate rebels”.

Only time will tell what moves the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump will make next in his interdimensional chess playing efforts against the shadow government.

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