By: Earnest Jones | 12-21-2017 | Entertainment
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Drunk Chris Brown Accused of Yelling Obscenities and Pushing a Transgender Woman outside Gay Club

A transgender woman had an offensive encounter with Chris Brown outside a famous West Hollywood gay club. The woman has accused Brown of yelling obscenities and pushing her.

One of the witnesses, Chris Lopez, a Hollywood socialite, revealed that she was standing outside famed The Abbey at around 2 am on December 15, when she saw Brown yelling outside the neighboring restaurant.

The socialite says she'd come from a Jumanji red carpet event to the club, claims she saw the star knock down another man before he started screaming at her group of friends.

'Chris Brown starts yelling at my friend. I told him to leave my friend alone, this is LA not like New York… you not gonna start s**t here.

'He starts calling me a fake blonde b*h, a fat b*h… He must have had said it like 10 times.'

Lopez says Brown even pushed her before security intervened.

'He got really close to my face and used his chest to push me a few times,' she said. 'He was very drunk. Very wasted.

'But my security team came two minutes after, I had like three security guards, Chris had one security guard and one friend.

'So they all helped me get away, then his security guard and friend - plus the club security - was able to hold him down tried calming him down but he was yelling.'

According to Lopez, even the West Hollywood security ambassadors got involved and were working to calm him down as she and her friends got a car and fled. Lopez would not comment on whether she is planning to seek legal action but said it was important for Brown to know actions have consequences.

'I just want him to seek better help,' she said. 'He needs to feel like he is like everyone else and can be accountable for his own actions.’

This is not the first time Brown's short temper has landed him in trouble with the law. However, He completed probation in a 2009 felony assault case for his infamous domestic abuse attack on singer Rihanna, his then-girlfriend.


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Anonymous No. 14434 2017-12-21 : 12:39

Seek help? What a coward’s statement.

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