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California Gov. Jerry Brown Commutes Sentences of 150 Illegal Criminals Facing Deportation

The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has decided that he will violate Federal Law in lieu of virtue signaling by commuting or reducing the sentences of one-hundred and fifty Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens, all of who have been convicted of crimes, to halt their deportation and release them into the wildlands of California.

Pardons don't erase the convictions, but state and federal law enforcement agencies are informed and the pardons are public records.

One of the perpetrators who will now be freed under the Governor is a convicted murder.

57-year-old Candace Lee Fox, plead guilty in 1984 to a robbery and second-degree murder charge, in an agreement to testify against other criminals; who was originally sentenced to ten years behind bars.

In 1992 Fox won an appeal, which backfired, and she was later convicted in the second trial of first degree murder for the homicide and was given life behind bars without parole.

"Justice is not served by continuing to deny her the opportunity she was promised decades ago: the chance to show that she is worthy of release," Brown wrote in the commutation order.

Apparently Jerry Brown thinks it's okay to free a murderer. Then again California is its own disaster for a reason.

Another of those individuals receiving the Governor's clemency, is a woman who has spent 33 years behind bars, and allegedly due to a mishap with her plea deal could have been released earlier, at least that's what<a href=""> San Francisco Gate </a>is reporting on the matter.

Two others, however, are intentional swipes at President Trump's firm stands on illegal aliens and DACA, in which both Rottanak Kong of Davis and Mony Neth of Modesto came to America as children, illegally, from the Khmer Rouge government after a genocide which killed millions.

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Kong was sentenced to a year in Stanislaus County jail in 2003 and served only seven months.

Neth was convicted in 1995, also in Stanislaus County, on weapons and receiving stolen property charges, and was released from his sentence on Friday from a detention facility where he was awaiting deportation as a result.

“It's the best Christmas gift ever," Neth said upon release. "I don't want to be anywhere else in the world."

Despite their crimes, the Governor's pardon for those two stated: “these people have served their debts to society, and are now law abiding citizens”.

Jerry Brown is intent on trying to make statements that contradict the Trump Administration in order to garnish support amongst the ultra-Marxist liberal base of California, and by these preventions of deportations, he's only pushing the limits further.

It would be one thing if these individuals were simply rounded up awaiting deportation, but <i>they've all been convicted of other crimes inside of America</i>, further displaying the idiocy of the California leadership.

This is the second straight time Governor Jerry Brown has pardoned illegals who were facing deportations, after the last time he did so prior to Easter.

One of the men who Governor Jerry Brown pardoned then, was a former Marine, Mexican National Marco Chavez, who was convicted of violently beating and murdering a dog. Chavez was deported, but due to Brown's pardon was allowed to seek Sanctuary Status inside of California.

Two months ago Jerry Brown signed the “Sanctuary State” law known as SB54 into place, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director say that's not going to stop ICE from raiding Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens within the Communist territory of the United States of America.

Acting Director of ICE warned California that they're not only in violation of Federal Immigration Laws but that they're aiding and abetting Federal Fugitives.

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Director Homan said that<a href=""> ICE will pursue arrests of undocumented illegal aliens </a>en masse "in local neighborhoods and at worksites" in response to California's newly signed "Sanctuary State" law.

California<a href=""> actually paid $192,000 </a>to an illegal alien who had been reported to ICE, in an absolutely shocking waste of taxpayer funding.

The Communist leadership of California seems to feel as if it is above the laws of America, and quite frankly that's not the case.

"ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at work sites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community," Homan said.

Homan concluded that "ICE will also likely have to detain individuals arrested in California in detention facilities outside of the state, far from any family they may have in California."

There are an estimated two and a half million Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens hiding inside of California; and you may have guessed it but, they have to go back.

With or without Jerry Brown, ICE is coming.

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Anonymous No. 14612 2017-12-24 : 11:04

Initially I looked at this like many would… he freed and bunch of Illegals that harmed or killed US Citizens.

But in the process he has freed up jail cells, reduce the costs these Illegals inflicted on Taxpayers to house them in jail and more.

Also by releasing the Illegals from Jail. Now ICE can now arrest them for illegal entry and deport them.


A Federal crime which States cannot issue pardons.

Anonymous No. 14613 2017-12-24 : 11:05


Now ICE can deport them because states cannot issue Pardons for Federal crimes.

Anonymous No. 14617 2017-12-24 : 13:00

It would be great if ICE snapped them up the second they stepped outside of the jail. But sadly these illegals will more than likley commit more crimes in commiefornicia, get jailed and the process starts over.

Travis Wright No. 14620 2017-12-24 : 14:30

How could the citizens of Calif go along with this. Can't they kick out Brown? This will greatly increase the crime rate by attracting more illegal aliens. No doubt Brown is expecting another corrupt voter turn-out next election.

EFPaisley No. 14624 2017-12-24 : 18:25

If any of these people escape California and commit crimes in other states California should be held responsible for damages and Jerry Brown should be convicted along with them as a co-conspirator.

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