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Somali ‘Migrant’ Stabs White Woman 14 Times in Minneapolis, Mainstream Media SILENT

27-year-old Morgan Evenson lives in downtown Minneapolis and walks to and from work at the Downtown Apple Store. Each and every day, she makes the eight-block trek on foot to earn her living, and has done so happily for several years; but little did she know that a vile creature from Somalia would try to cut her life short on a snowy day in December.

For Morgan, she's just an average girl; who's young, White, redheaded, and feisty with a work ethic who has most of her future planned through careful preparation so that she can one day become a mother fulfill her life's dreams.

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Both Evenson and her Fiancé Patrick Stellick had big plans in the near future, after years of building a foundation of savings, in order to cement their goals in life.

Those plans were coming close to being fulfilled, for both their upcoming wedding date that was set for this summer and a new promotion to another Apple Store in Nashville for Morgan, since Patrick had already taken a job in the city.

The young couple had already arranged their plans to be married with extreme excitement to start their family together in Tennessee and live happily ever after.

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That all changed earlier this month, however, when she would become victim to a near-death assault by a foreign animal who shouldn't have been in the United States at all.

She had no idea just what the monster had in store for her though, and could never have predicted the haunting moment that not only left her terrified but fighting for her life.

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On that fateful evening in December, as Morgan Evenson was walking home from one of her final days working at the Minneapolis location before moving at around 8:30 PM on a Wednesday night; she said she began to “sense” that someone may have been following her near the corner of 32nd Street and Fremont Avenue downtown, according to<a href=""> KSTP</a>.

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She often looks behind her, knowing the dangers of the Twin Cities, but had always felt as if the exercise from the walk was positive for her health, and well, this is America. Where a person should be able to live without the fear of something happening to them as they walk outdoors.

Up until this day, Everson had always been safe.

Unfortunately, despite the freedoms we may enjoy; there are savage animals that have no desire to live in a civilized society, but instead, act as if they're vile predators who must pillage and steal from others to benefit themselves.

When Evenson looked back this time though and saw a who she described as a Black man, of Somali descent, (quite a common theme in America's urban hellholes, thanks, Obama), who was following her.

She said her heart began to race, and she knew she was the prey, as the grinning white teeth were exposed by the man as he gazed back at her, licking his lips. “He was all of a sudden running at me, and he tackled me, and we struggled for a long time, for what felt like minutes,” she said to local news<a href=""> WSAW</a>.

It was snowing that day, and she said he pummeled her to the ground and began punching her in the face as she fought back trying to escape the primitive beast’s death throes.

She remembers clawing him in the face, and that's when she said she looked into his eyes and saw “a complete monster, I just knew he had no soul and wanted to kill me,” at which point the violent criminal then pulled out a knife.

Her fiancé taught Morgan self-defense tactics and had tried to convince Morgan to carry a firearm, to which she said she thought she could live without. Once she saw the knife though, she said her life flashed before her eyes, but she had wished at that very moment she was armed.

She suddenly remembered some training Patrick had taught her, to thrash back and forth while pinned down by the criminal, and to try to kick or knee him in the genitals to stun him and hopefully get free.

“I was, for the most part, trying to pull down his pants and claw at him, more than anything,” she said.

She couldn't overpower the beast, however, as his primal strength was just too much to overcome for a tiny woman like Morgan.

That's when the thug began stabbing her. Over. And over. And over.

As he continued to drive the knife into Morgan's body, several times, mostly in the abdomen; she began to believe she was going to die, and nearly became unconscious.

At the time, she said that she was in such severe pain that it kept her alert due to a burning sensation she felt through her entire body. He had stabbed her so many times, that even Morgan wasn't sure where he had cut her.

“It was a just pure terror,” Evenson said. “I’ve never experienced something so terrible in my life.”

She apparently had been screaming in agony, as the wild “man” continued to stab her in what certainly felt like her imminent murder underway.

Fortunately for Morgan, those screams would alert nearby Good Samaritans; who ran to her aid and scared off the would-be killer.

“The moment I initially realized I was being stabbed was when the two people initially pulled me up off the curb in the snow, and I just felt liquid rush down my back, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, what happened to me? This can’t be good,” she said.

The Good Samaritans called emergency 911, who then transported Morgan Evenson to a nearby hospital in an attempt to save her life.

“I’ve never been afraid of anything, and I’m really pushing that this doesn’t affect who I am, and change me for the worse,” she said.

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She's angry. She's hurt, and she's in a desperate medical condition after the attack.

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Morgan Evenson didn't have proper health insurance to cover the full cost of the multiple operations she has thus far underwent as a result of the attack.

"It was horrifying, because I could feel something that felt like it was stinging me, but it was him stabbing me," she said. "Doctor's told me I had 14 wounds that needed stitches, including a lacerated kidney."

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Morgan's family and friends have since set up a <a href="">GoFundMe</a>, to pay for the rising medical costs of her surgeries.

“There are so many questions about why someone would choose to carry out this violent act to a complete stranger. But that’s a question we’ll never know the answer to. It’s something that is seen in the news or right front of you,” said Kaylan Smith, a lifelong friend of Morgan Evenson.

Since the attack lacerated Morgan's kidney so badly, doctors said she's fortunate to have even survived without a transplant.

As a result, however, her entire body has been subjected to severe infection, that's caused her legs, face, and arms to swell.

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Morgan held back tears as she described the pain she's going through, and the agony she feels just getting out of bed. “When I look in the mirror, I don't see myself anymore,” Morgan said as she wiped tears from her face. “I don't want to be a hateful person, but I'm so angry with this monster. I want him to pay for what he's done. I don't… I keep thinking that I could not be here today because of him, and he shouldn't have been here at all.”

It's a brutal redpill that has been given to Morgan Evenson, and her family, as to the dangers of foreign migrants; who hold no desire to follow the laws of America, or make any attempt to change themselves to mesh into the fabric of our society.

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While Morgan is blessed to have survived, when many others do not, it's even stunning that the mainstream media won't cover this case, as an American citizen was attacked by a Somali.

Although a few local news outlets are covering it, you can tell strictly by their politically correct reporting, that there is a desire to make this sound as if it's just a random act of violence.

With the truth of this attack being one that most people aren't willing to swallow, which is that this is simply the nature of the beast.

Somalia is a war torn disaster area, filled with both a sense tribalism, and primitive animals who aren't civilized outside of the few in the nation who seek out an education and succeed, the rest simply have a jungle-like mentality.

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According to the Minnesota Police Department, no suspects as of this time in the case have been identified, but the description given to them by Morgan Evenson describes the man as having the following features.

The suspect is described as having a dark Black complexion, of Somali descent, standing at around 5-foot 7-inches tall, last seen wearing an army-green colored jacket, with stone-wash tinted jeans. Unfortunately in Minneapolis, which has a large migrant and Black community; those few details aren't much for law enforcement to use to apprehend the suspect.

Despite this Morgan is asking for help to locate the man, and if you're in the area and see a Somali man matching the description you're urged to contact the Minneapolis Police Department at (612) 673-5705, or submit a tip online to the<a href=""> Minnesota Crime Stoppers</a>.

Again, the worst part of the aftermath of this attack is that even the two local media outlets I've listed above refuse to go into detail on the attacker for fear of being labeled as race baiters.

I give ABC 5 credit for at least stating some details on their broadcast, considering it's an ABC affiliate. However, how in the hell do you plan to find the person responsible if you're unwilling to talk about their appearance?

Despite the triggered social justice warriors and their fake anger over stories that identify the suspect’s race, and appearance; it's a crucial tool and common sense that such information is needed to find the perpetrator.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Morgan Evenson during this time of healing and repair.

Let's find the filthy Somali monster responsible and bring him to justice.

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