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ICE Deports Convicted Colombian Drug Kingpin to Face Prosecution in his Home Country

The patriotic and brave men and women who serve in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency can scratch another major victory into their hall of fame after they've deported a convicted Colombian narcotics kingpin back to his home country where he's facing prosecution for his crimes against humanity.

A renown cocaine kingpin, the 50-year-old Hebert Veloza Garcia, is considered by many as the modern-day equivalent to the legendary Pablo Escobar in terms of both financial prowess and paramilitary leadership rankings to several world governments.

As a result, United States Federal Government has stated that Hebert Veloza Garcia was responsible for the illegal importation of endless supplies of cocaine into the United States of America, as well as trafficking in arms and cocaine in a widespread distribution ring across the globe.

Garcia was feared by many as the former leader of Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC). The militia had its roots in the 1980s when militias were established by drug lords to combat rebel kidnappings and extortion.

Back in 1997, the AUC was formed through a merger, orchestrated by the ACCU, of local right-wing militias inside Columbia, each intending to protect different local economic, social and political interests by fighting left-wing insurgents in their areas.

The organization was initially led by Carlos Castaño, who headed the paramilitary group until his murder in 2004. The AUC was also believed to have links to some local military commanders in the Colombian Armed Forces.

Experts say that the AUC had about 20,000 members and was heavily financed through the drug trade via the trafficking of cocaine all across the planet, using support from local landowners, cattle ranchers, mining or petroleum companies and even many Colombian politicians.

For years, the Colombian military is believed to have been delegating various tasks to AUC paramilitaries including the murdering of both peasants and labor union leaders, amongst others suspected of supporting the rebel movements inside the country.

In murdering any opposition, the AUC publicly and explicitly singled out 'political and trade union operatives of the extreme left' as legitimate targets.

After their reign of terror became apparent to world leaders, the AUC was designated as a terrorist organization by many of those countries, including the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

During his unique reign of terror, Hebert Veloza Garcia has been linked to 222 criminal investigations, which resulted in 42 convictions via plea bargains, 38 total arrest warrants, nine pending processes, seven processes in the investigative stage, three suspended processes, and one acquittal.

This underscores the corruption in Colombia as such a vile and despicable cocaine kingpin is somehow able to avoid execution due to his power and wealth.

Investigators say that Veloza has admitted in Colombian courts in the past that he ordered or personally participated in the killing of dozens while leading the AUC.

Veloza Garcia was convicted back in 2009, in a United States Federal Court, on charges of conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine and distributing cocaine inside of the United States, as the head of a sophisticated drug trafficking organization which he operated for at least a decade, beginning in 1998.

After his sentence, Veloza Garcia was transferred into U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) custody from the Bureau of Prisons in October of 2016, after serving more than eight years in Federal prison.

He has now been deported via the ICE Air Operations under escort by ERO deportation officers, whereupon his return to his home country, he was turned over to Colombian law enforcement officials, according to the<a href=""> </a>website.

“The removal of Mr. Garcia highlights ICE’s highest enforcement priorities, which focuses resources on removing criminal aliens,” said Thomas Feeley, Field Office Director for ERO in Buffalo, New York. "This convicted drug kingpin will now face justice in his home country."

This is one more victory for the organization, in bringing an end to the endless terror brought into America by vile cocaine dealers who cost Americans their lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars in drug war costs including financing law enforcement agencies across the country, rehabilitation centers, emergency medical responders, hospitals, courts, attorneys, prosecutors, county jails and prisons, and so much more as a result of the endless flow of narcotics.

ICE considers this a big win for America.

Remember*Immigration and Customs Enforcement relies heavily upon tips from patriotic Americans. Anonymous tips may be reported on this form and may also be reported to ICE via the toll-free HSI Tip Line, (866) 347-2423.

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