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Mother Of "Swatting" Victim Wants Officer Charged

The tale continues to unfold around the fatal Swatting of 28-year-old Andrew Finch in Wichita, Kansas on December 28. The victim's family is now calling for the officer who killed him to be brought up on criminal charges for the shooting death.

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A letter from Finch's mother Tuesday says officials are making the family's grief worse by not allowing her to see her son's body or returning it to be buried. The family hired Chicago attorney, Andrew M. Stroth, who says justice for the family would include criminal charges against the SWAT team member who fired the shot that killed Finch.

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The YouTube channel DramaAlert posted a video containing an interview with Finch's mother with local media and also a phone interview with the person claiming responsibility for making the call to police that caused the SWAT shooting. A man going by the name "SWauTistic" online, claims to have been making money by Swatting people in exchange for payment.

When questioned about whether he thinks he should do jail time SWauTistic, now known to be 25-year-old Tyler Barris, says he thinks he should but he was unable to see how his actions hurt the victim and his family.

Barris goes on to say how he was not the one who fired the gun that killed Finch and that he was only a third party contacted and asked to SWAT the address with no knowledge or relationship to the targets. Barris was arrested just days after the interview on December 30, 2017.

On Tuesday, the Daily Beast reported that Barris was actually supposed to be in jail at the time of the Swatting according to court records but was let out early for an unknown reason.

Barris had been previously caught and convicted of calling in a false bomb threat in Glendale, California for which he was sentenced to two years in prison May 2016. For some reason, Barris was released in January of 2017 according to prison records.

Barris violated a protection order shortly after his release and pleaded guilty which earned him another sentence of a year in January 2017. Again, Barris was let out early and was allowed to leave Los Angeles County lockup on August 24, 2017, and as soon as he was out he was back to Swatting.

December 8, "SWauTistic," said on Twitter, "Gonna swat MLG Dallas." Another user replied, "Do it up" while another taunted "You won't." Sure enough, minutes later the Major League Gaming event in Dallas convention center was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

"Sorry @MLG," Barriss said on Twitter to Major League Gaming while also encouraging users to follow his backup account "just in case twitter suspends me for being a god." Six days later, Barriss swatted an even larger target, this time he set his sights on the Federal Communications Commission who was holding a vote to eliminate net neutrality protections.

Police evacuated the live hearing and sniffed the room with bomb-detecting dogs. Barriss said he was "too godly" on Twitter. "l swatted FCC and MLG Dallas I'm not busted yet 😜" Barriss tweeted. "if you can't pull off a swat without getting busted you're not a leet hacking God it's that simple."

The tweets were deleted but recovered by a cybersecurity blogger named Brian Krebs who had an exchange with Barriss and was even one of his victims. "Bomb threats are more fun and cooler than swats in my opinion and I should have just stuck to that," Barriss said. "But I began making $ doing some swat requests."

Barriss went on to brag about having swatted at least 10 homes and 100 schools during his career as a "swatter". The deadly swatter was arrested on December 30 in Los Angeles.

Hopefully, the people responsible for investigating these crimes and the ones responsible for his early releases will get the clue and work towards a sentence that will keep this criminal behind bars.

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Anonymous No. 15145 2018-01-03 : 05:18

"was actually supposed to be in jail at the time of the Swatting according to court records but was let out early for an unknown reason. "


Anonymous No. 15167 2018-01-03 : 11:47

Its amazing how a family in Wichita, Kansas knew a lawyer in Chicago and could afford to hire him.

Given the repeated clearly unjustified "Early Releases" maybe California needs to be added to the Lawsuit.

OPPS that would be a Chicago Liberal suing the Kingdom of Liberalism. A Major NoNo.

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