By: Savannah Smith | 03-01-2017 | News
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France's Le Pen Boldly Blasted Germany's Merkel In Their EU Parliament Encounter

Both happen to be strong women who have made it in a men-dominated rough world of politics, but the two remarkably differ in their ideologies. They also happen to mutually hate each other. For a more visual and even entertaining appreciation, it's easy to see one as the female so-called politically-correct Barack Obama and the other as the fiery and bold Donald Trump. Both have spoken against the other in various occasions, but on their first almost personal encounter, one sure had the upper hand and passionately savages the other with the force of her words, the strength of her convictions, and the power of her truth.

Some observers say Europe's two contrasting faces of leadership today that could also be a reflection of its future belong to the two ideologically polar opposite women: Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and France's far-right presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen. In a recent encounter, Le Pen stood before Merkel and the EU Parliament and dressed down her adversary.

Le Pen wasted no time in blasting Merkel as she said early on in her opening salvo that Merkel and her associates came to the parliament to catch up because their beloved European Union is collapsing. Le Pen then went on to enumerate the woes of the EU from migratory and economic assaults which the leadership is obliged to maintain with blackmail, threats and intimidation. Le Pen minced no words in describing her thoughts of Merkel and what she represents. The French National Front leader scored Merkel because her professed model is to become a servant of the USA in terms of austerity, disloyal competition, massive spying on citizens, social dumping, migratory submersion.

Le Pen affirmed that on the other end, she represents another model-one that unites Europe's people. She said it a model that values independence. It is also a Europe of nations in a multipolar world of intelligent patriotism and of individual liberties. Le Pen stressed the defense of her people's safety and identity by putting a total stop to mass immigration.

The French leader also acknowledged that she is being seen as anti-Merkel, something she said is even an honor for her. Without blinking , she even told Merkel to her face that she does not acknowledge the German chancellor. She also dismissed the self-determination being pushed by Merkel as a ridiculous attempt of German domination of Europe. Le Pen asserted that the defense of German interests does not justify the vassalization of the other people of Europe.

Le Pen said she is the voice of the free Europeans and of sovereign nations as she also took the opportunity to take a swipe against French President Francois Hollande.

Merkel wants to retain the supposed unity of EU while Le Pen advocates for France to follow Brexit's lead and leave the EU as well. Merkel is open to immigrants and refugees coming in to Europe while Le Pen opposes it, espousing strong nationalism instead. It is clear from their politics that the two will never see eye to eye and will always be at tremendous odds. It is obvious, however, in that rare encounter who won with the punches and the strong convictions.

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