By: Savannah Smith | 01-07-2018 | News
Photo credit: London Metropolitan Police

Black Cab Rapist John Worboys Used God for Parole

Notorious black cab rapist John Worboys was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting 12 women in his London taxi. The police, however, fear that the number of women he has attacked could number over 100.

After eight years and eight months in jail, however, the man with the horrific crime against women could get out of prison early for having turned to God while in jail. His critics believe however that he’s just using his so-called new-found embrace of Christianity to fool the parole board and win back his freedom.

A prison system source said the 60-year-old former stripper and ex-porn star became a born-again Christian to fool the parole board at Wakefield jail. He also pretended he was capable of turning his life around.

Worboys attended Church of England services at the maximum security prison.

A Wakefield jail source shared to the Daily Star that he believes Worboys is “seriously misguided” and is potentially still a danger to women. The source added: “He thinks he is born again since embracing religion and that he has been forgiven. A cynical person might think he’s done this as the best way of getting parole.”

While in prison, the convicted rapist kept fit by regularly running 50 laps of the prison football field. Curiously, however, he also befriended serial killer Levi Bellfield, who killed 13-year-old Milly Dowler in 2002.

Some of Worboys’ victims were horrified when they learned about the latest development in the case from the news, and they were not personally briefed on the matter. The prospect of the rapist getting out of prison ahead of his sentence drew massive criticisms.

Even Prime Minister Theresa May said she knew one of the victims of Worboys. She also said that the law could change to put an end to the secrecy surrounding parole board decisions.


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XYZ No. 15553 2018-01-08 : 17:27

Ha Ha the pedophile priests don't need to convert

what shall they do?

any good idea?

its incredible how these high profile rapists can go back after some years

these characters should serve life long

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