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Photo credit: Kenneth Song | Santa Barbara News

Update: At Least 8 Now Dead In Southern California Flooding

The flooding in Southern California is getting worse, and it's taking even more lives in the short span since The Goldwater last reported on it.

At least 13 are dead now and thousands are forced to flee their homes as powerful rainstorms trigger flash floods and mudslides everywhere. The flooding is partly due to the intense wildfires which burned off protective vegetation late last year.

Heavy downpours hit the lower part of the state overnight leaving thousands of residents in Santa Barbara County along the Pacific coast north of Los Angels forced to evacuate.

Authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation but it is believed that only 10-15 percent complied with the orders according to Amber Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara Fire Department.

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Some residents were trapped in their homes as mudslides caused the structures to collapse. Search and rescue workers worked to rescue people and their pets while the waters continued to rise.

The Santa Barbara County has set up an evacuation shelter at Santa Barbara City College as well as a place for people to take their animals. The flash floods and mudslides have shut down highway 101 and work crews are working to restore them.

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Important grass and shrubs that hold soil in place were burned away by wildfires and also left a waxy layer that prevents water from sinking into the ground.

Traffic and roadways are cut off between Santa Barbara and Ventura counties just northwest of Los Angeles. It is unknown how long roadways will be down but The Goldwater will keep you updated on the situation.

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Anonymous No. 15660 2018-01-10 : 03:00

Oh my god!! This is sad :(

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