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Imperialist China Has Deployed Aircraft Carriers, Fleet into Japan-Claimed Senkakus Islands

The nation of China continues to grow militarily as its economic prowess is already the world's most dominant in terms of exportation.

Chinese continued flow of cheap, horribly made goods provides the nation with the resources to invest in its military; all while forcing the majority of its citizens to suffer under the red-Communist style of governance.

That's not good enough for China though, as The Goldwater has previously reported, <a href="">America is currently engaged in a currency war with China,</a> covertly, because China intends to conquer the planet by 2050; in which they've already directed the country to begin to push forward with the Petro-Yuan to counter the American dollar; which is a major part of China's reasoning for stockpiling gold.

Now China is throwing its weight again yet again in the waters of the Pacific, threatening Japan in its claim of the Senkakus Islands.

Japan is currently debating what it calls a “restructuring” period; with strong Trump-ally Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wanting desperately to rewrite their Constitution so that Japan's military, already the world's seventh most powerful, can expand with the intention of imperialism, versus the current status of only acting in defense.

Due to the limitations of Japan, China now wishes to try and assert dominance in the Pacific, in part because it fears Japan. Never forget that the tiny nation of Japan once invaded the shores of China and easily defeated any Chinese opposition; and likely would have conquered China had the United States not became involved in World War Two.

Many historians, and military experts, now regret the decision making made in World War Two, as our choice of fighting the German enemy was not in America's interests.

In fact, due to that mistake Communism has actually spread, giving the Soviet-era opponents of the United States far more reach and influence than they would have had if Germany weren't defeated at the hands of America.

General Patton infamously said, <i>”We defeated the wrong enemy,”</i> as well as expressing regret that Berlin fell to the Communist powers of the Soviets; causing their women to be raped, their men to be murdered, and creating the weak mentality of modern Germany that's being flooded with Islamic invaders from all over the Middle East destroying their identity.

Due to the weakness of the EU, and in part, the once prominent military force of the UK, America's largest military ally at sea; China is now taking advantage of this in combination with the overstretched United States forces and attempting to expand.

We're an aware of the man-made island building in the South China Sea, in international waters, where China has laid out military bases and landing strips all while violating international law and being unchallenged in their efforts.

The ego of China as it bullies the supply chains of the Pacific, crucial to the trade routes of the United States of America and her allies or Vietnam, Philippines, Guam, and Japan; is certainly being felt across many governments.

Japan has issued Beijing a warning about their attempts to send a carrier near the Diaoyutai Islands, as per their claim of Senkakus, but China merely shrugs it off knowing that none can stop them.

What was once called <i>The Sleeping Dragon</i> is now seen as the fire-breathing dragon, and it's certainly coming close to a time where some nation acting as a knight in shining armor is going to have to slay the beast.

You could even suggest that a war between America and China is indeed inevitable and in fact, it's actually in America's interest for this to happen sooner rather than later.

By the mid-2030s China hopes to have an equal military force as the United States in terms of aircraft and naval superiority; once that finally happens the United States stands zero chance against the Chinese superpower.

It's imperative, as today's actions show, that the Japanese rewrite their Constitution immediately and put China back in its dragon cove where it belongs.

Beijing’s Foreign Minister Lu Kang has laughed at Japan, thumbing his nose saying, "The Diaoyutai Islands are a natural part of Chinese territory," Lu said, adding Japan began the provocations.

"Two naval vessels of Japan's self-defense forces first entered the access zone," the Chinese spokesman said. "China's decision to guard the sovereignty of the Diaoyutai territory is unshaken."

Lu also said Japanese actions in the East China Sea "cannot change the objective fact the Diaoyutai belong to China."

The Japanese however, don't agree and believe the land is rightfully their own.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters Japan calls on China to "not engage in actions that impede the improvement of bilateral relations."

"We will definitely defend our territory, territorial waters, and airspace," Suga said.

Japan's defense ministry claimed China sent two submarines near Japan-claimed territory, including the Miyako Island in Okinawa and Taisho Island in the Senkakus.

Japan's<a href=""> media outlets </a>have thus far reported on movements saying that Japan has already mobilized a “response” near Taisho after a Chinese ship was detected in the zone adjacent to territorial waters in the Pacific.

What's coming next is certainly a rewriting of the Constitution by Japan, and this should only further encourage such.

China must be kept in check and it needs to happen now. In fact, as I said before, in terms of strategy; it's best if America goes to war with China now before it can destroy us.

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Helen No. 15844 2018-01-11 : 20:40

Hell, I didn't even know that all of this was going on and no I have not had my head buried in the sand. I am aghast that this is happening but agree that we must do something now before it is too late to do anything. China is a very rich this is well know but I never hear any reports on the news in regard to this and find that we are ill informed in this country and need to hear more about what all of our brother countries are doing before we get caught in the dark.

David No. 15863 2018-01-12 : 04:13

I’d recommend that US sell to Japan more offensive weaponries once their constitution is changed this year. This way we enable Japan to defend itself which they will be quite capable of doing since they have invaded China twice in history. This will save US lives n money. But US, India n Australia will be glad to act as backup to Japan should they need our assistance in their conflict.

Anonymous No. 15878 2018-01-12 : 06:23

Why the fuck did we go to war w Japan!!? Oh, right so the Chinks can conquer us in the future… Right…why did we fight against Nazi Germany!?! Oh, so we can become a kike run Islamic caliphate n be drench in useless parasitic shit world immigrant scum and promote miscegnation to the masses but NOT ISRAEL!!!

Anonymous No. 15880 2018-01-12 : 06:27

Seriously, why did we make enemies w all the cool advanced countries that made the renaissance, Ferrari, Porsches,supras, n Nissan skylines?! We could've been conquering galaxies by now instead of becoming regressive n flooding our countries w worthless welfare niggers n sand niggers.

Anonymous No. 15881 2018-01-12 : 06:30

I'm so fed up of the US government proping up n befriending other nations n factions only for them to become our enemies!!!! It doesn't make sense this is all coordinated.

Anonymous No. 15882 2018-01-12 : 06:33

Let Asians deal with their own gook probrems and we fix and make our infrastructure the most advanced in the world but that would be selfish bc it's about tittie feeding these useless niggers n pos 3rd world leaches

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