By: Kyle James | 01-12-2018 | Entertainment
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Logan Paul Removed From YouTube Series

The great and upstanding YouTube personality known as Logan Paul has been removed from the YouTube Red comedy series "Foursome" after posting a video of a suicide victim's hanging corpse.

That isn't all, the YouTube personality took an even bigger hit to the wallet when Google Preferred, the top 5% of most-viewed YouTube content, said it would no long aggregate Paul's multimillion-subscriber channels for advertisers. Essentially, this cuts Paul's main source of income off.

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Now, I am not a fan of the Paul brothers, but I have a problem with this. Was it wrong for him to exploit a dead person and expose their dead corpse for all the world to gawk at? Yes. Does the guy deserve to lose his livelihood, income, and job over it? That is where I'm not so sure.

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The thing is we don't exactly know how many times Paul has been warned over content in the past by Google. If there a series of incidents that led up to this it would make a little more sense but Google isn't saying. Google has too much power as it is, do we really need them telling us what we can and can't see?

What gives Google the authority to say, 'we know what is best for you' and essentially censor the content they don't like. Guess what? Suicide is real, it's a problem, some think it's the answer. That is their choice and it shouldn't be treated as some 'taboo' subject because that just isolates those struggling with it more.

Do I care another arrogant YouTube punk got canned? Not really, but it doesn't bode well for the future where social media companies are in control of free speech, playing parent/government and dictating what we are allowed to see.

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margreettrentelman No. 15860 2018-01-12 : 03:50

go on with the work love from holland peace!!!!

Anonymous No. 15861 2018-01-12 : 03:54

Got no problem with people blowing their heads off, raping, beheading and torturing in movies. One clip of a dead body and the guy looses his career.. hmm

Anonymous No. 15865 2018-01-12 : 04:35

Beware the swinging pendulum. No pun intended, really. He was disrespectful, received appropriate backlash, he is young and should learn from this. He may have lost fans. Let the viewers decide his fate. Google is playing God role.

Anonymous No. 15876 2018-01-12 : 06:08

The hippocracy… But fuck him he's a kike anyway

Anonymous No. 15936 2018-01-12 : 18:12

Time to migrate to another platform like Bitchute, screw FagTube.

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