By: Steve Dellar | 01-11-2018 | News
Photo credit: Credit - Harahan Police Department

Louisiana Topless Woman Tried To Rob Uber Driver

If you’re a man and a woman is flashing her boobs in your face to your left, chances are that you’re not going to be too concentrated on the man robbing you of the right. At least that is what a Louisiana couple figured would happen when they called an Uber driver and then, in the manner just described, tried to rob him at knifepoint.

The victim, an unnamed Uber driver, told the Harahan Police Department that 22-year-old Miss Rayna Fillios, who had used his driving services before, called him on Saturday. He drove up to her house to pick her up for the ride, and she, to his great surprise, answered the door topless.

The Uber driver got suspicious though as after a brief conversation he noticed that Miss Fillios was simply teasing him and tried to get him to stay at the door. He eased out of the conversation and just as he was about to step away from the door, Miss Fillios pulled him close to her bare chest and start kissing him. At the same time, her boyfriend, 24-year-old Anthony Kennedy snuck up to him from behind and pulled a knife on the Uber driver.

Mr. Kennedy struck him in the chin and knocked out a tooth, but after the couple then urged the driver to hand over all his money they were surprised that he immediately fled on foot, leaving his car simply in their driveway.

They clearly hadn’t thought their plan through because when police showed up 15 minutes later, Mr. Kennedy was simply hiding in the garden shed of his own house where he was arrested.

In the end, both would be robbers were taken into police custody. Miss Fillios has been charged with second-degree battery and principal to armed robbery whilst Mr. Kennedy is charged with attempted armed robbery, second-degree battery, resisting an officer and violating a protection order.


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Anonymous No. 15932 2018-01-12 : 17:17

Good! Send the scum to jail!

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