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A violent scene straight out of a James Bond movie unfolded in Sherwood, Oregon after deputies attempted a traffic stop on a man driving erratically.

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Washington County sheriff's deputies say the armed and dangerous suspect was shot and killed after a standoff with officers. The incident started around 1 p.m. at Roy Rogers and Scholls Ferry when deputies got a call about a suspicious vehicle driving in a field.

When a Sherwood officer attempted to make contact with the suspect he opened fire and drove off into a field. No deputies were injured but they called in the county's Tactical Negotiation Team and crisis negotiators to help.

Around 3 p.m., the tactical team sent in a BearCat, a lightly armored vehicle, and used it to ram the suspect's truck several times. When the suspect attempted to get out of the car, an officer popped out of the top and opened fire with an automatic weapon killing the suspect.

The sheriff's office has identified the suspect as 54-year-old Remi Sabbe of Tigard and says they found a rifle inside Sabbe's truck. Jeff Talbot with Washington County Sheriff's Office said, "This was a very fast-moving, changing and a rapidly evolving situation involving our SWAT and the suspect."

"We’re going to be piecing together what happened, and that information will come out once we confirm it." Several major crimes officers and detectives responded to the scene, no officers were hurt.

Deputies involved in the incident were put on administrative leave which is standard procedure after a deadly shooting involving law enforcement but their names have not been released.

Eyewitnesses described hearing a lot of gunfire during the exchange. "Rapid-fire, maybe two dozen shots and then a break for about a minute and then it happened again," Mike Jingozian told KATU news.

"Maybe not as many the second time around, but a lot of shots. Once in a while, one or two go off, someone is doing some target practice or something. I have never heard so many gunshots at the same time," Jingozian said.

A records search of the suspect revealed Sabbe had been convicted of misdemeanor DUI in Multnomah County in 2008 and a conviction for failure to perform the duties of a driver in 2006.

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Anonymous No. 15975 1515827133

I bet those tactical operators were stoked to finally get an opportunity to use all that military gear.

Anonymous No. 15983 1515832712

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

Anonymous No. 15990 1515836603

Ran his criminal history.

Just a history of traffic related DUI's and low level traffic misdemeanors listed…

Wonder what lit his fuse?

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