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Illinois, New Jersey, and New York Are the Top States that People Left in 2017

New data from United Van Lines say that Illinois, New Jersey, and New York were the top states in the country for outbound moves in 2017.

United Van Lines tracks state-to-state migration patterns and it found out that Illinois was the top state for outbound migration with 63 percent of moves going out of state. New Jersey follows with 63 percent, then New York with 61 percent and Connecticut with 57 percent. The report says those states from the northeast make it to the list of top outbound states for the third consecutive year.

Other states where there was also high outbound migration include Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, and Wisconsin.

On the other hand, the report also says that the 10 states with the highest inbound migration were Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado, and Alabama. Data say that more Americans are moving to the Mountain West with 54 percent of moves being inbound, and the South with 52 percent of inbound moves

Michael Stoll, economist and professor in the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles explains the possible factors affecting the trend. He says: “This year’s data reflect longer-term trends of movement to the western and southern states, especially to those where housing costs are relatively lower, climates are more temperate and job growth has been at or above the national average, among other factors.”

The professor adds that there’s also the continued migration to the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West as young professionals and retirees leave California.

The Tax Foundation meanwhile says there is a relationship between taxes and migration. The group says that individuals move for various reasons including climate, job opportunities, family, among other factors that drive people’s decision to relocate. The group emphasizes that taxes can also influence the decision to move to another state.

The group explains that tax rates affect a state’s economy so that states with less burdensome tax structures and lower rates tend to have better economic growth. People may decide to live in another state and commute to their workplace if it means paying less or lower income tax.


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