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Canterbury Cannibal in Washington County Jail

A man who is dubbed as the 'Canterbury Cannibal' is in Washington County Jail Monday. 62-year-old Dale Bolinger became known as the 'Canterbury Cannibal' after he was convicted of trying to eat a teenage girl in England.

Now, Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson said Monday that the British cannibal has not been charged with any crime. "He's here, but I cannot tell you why. Legally, I cannot say anything," Robinson said.

In 2014, Bolinger tried to meet a child in England following sexual grooming, and possession and distribution of indecent materials. A person who said she was a 14-year-old girl online and Bolinger was caught telling the girl he wanted to behead her and eat her after they had sex.

The girl didn't show up when they arranged to meet.

British police found out about Bolinger during the 2013 trial of 30-year-old New York City Police Officer Gilberto Valle who was convicted of plotting to kidnap and eat women. Valle and Bollinger exchanged sick fantasies online about their desire to eat people.

Bolinger is an American citizen and was sentenced to nine years in prison, no one knows why he was released and deported. Bolinger arrived in the Blair area around a month ago and even registered as a sex offender January 4 with his address being on Todd Drive in Blair.

Robinson's office has been receiving calls from concerned neighbors last week because they feared for the safety of neighborhood children.

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