By: Kyle James | 01-16-2018 | News
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Somali Immigrant Dressed As A Nurse And Sexually Assaulted Woman In Labor

A man from Somalia who immigrated to Rome five years ago stole a nurse's uniform, broke into a delivery room at a hospital and sexually assaulted a woman in labor. The case is the latest involving migrants to shock Italy.

38-year-old Ali Abdella is accused of stealing nurse scrubs and breaking into the delivery room at Sant'Eugenio hospital. Once in the delivery room, Abdella groped the leg and genitals of a woman in labor before masturbating in front of her.

The woman screamed during the assault alerting nurses and doctors who then called the police. Abdella has been in Italy for five years on a residence permit and has been arrested. He is awaiting trial on charges of aggravated sexual violence and theft.

Abdella's defense team has requested a psychiatric evaluation and when his lawyer was asked why he was at the hospital he said, "Only God knows." Immigration policy has been a heated topic in recent years as massive amounts of refugees are flooding European countries.

There have been some notably violent cases such as the <a href="">Muslim who stabbed a mother and daughter for wearing swimsuits</a>, gangs of immigrant men raping women so much so that the <a href="">police issued a warning against women going out alone a night</a>, girls <a href=""> <a href=""> as young as 13 have also been assaulted,the mayor of Germany announced he is a Salafi Jihadist</a>, and most recently, <a href="">two police officers were filmed being beaten by a mob of immigrants</a>.

So needless to say, Europe is at a critical tipping point when it comes to the immigration crisis. Just how many more people have to be assaulted or killed before they stop accepting refugees who can't be properly vetted?

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