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Honor Student Faces Felony For Legal CBD

We've been closely covering the case of Tiffany Walker's family in Florida since November. Tiffany's 15-year-old son was an honor student at a magnet school in Florida when the 50-state-legal, hemp-based CBD oil he used to control his ADD/ADHD/ODD and dysgraphia was mistaken for THC oil. A felony in the state of Florida.

Believe it or not, this tragedy of errors was just the beginning of <a href=""> a still unfolding nightmare</a> the family has been facing since the Holiday season. Initially, Tiffany's son was charged with felony possession of THC oil and given 10 days suspension though after talks with the administration he was allowed back after 5.

Tiffany tried to make sure it would be safe for him to bring his medication. After discovering that it worked more effectively and with fewer side effects than traditional amphetamine-based stimulant drugs like Ritalin, there was no looking back, but they wanted to ensure there would be no issues if he took the tincture himself.

<blockquote>"I asked if Nate could bring it to the office with Doctors note to be kept in a locked box in the office or if I needed too. The response was okay for him. The oil was in possession of the school when officer confiscated and wrote an addendum to previous. Charges so 2 bottles confiscated 1 charge but two incidents in the report so makes it look like he disregarded law enforcement and had it anyway. Not the case."</blockquote>

In the meantime, the plan was to get doctor's appointment to get her son Medical Marijuana certified to clear up any potential legal issues and guarantee him to be able to take his tincture. Even after being told that there would be no issues with the oil. Cost and time outlaid for doctor's appointments, confiscated medicine and other necessities threatened to cast a pall over the family. Tiffany's son would be facing court just before Christmas.

<blockquote>"Sure this is really screwing up everything. We live paycheck to paycheck right now. Living outside the US for 5 years we have no credit no history so everything we do is cash. I don't know how much more we can take."</blockquote>

<a href="">Things didn't quite improve</a> from this point on though. Far from that, the complications grew. With the burden of anxiety and the fear of a marred future facing the whole family and especially a kid who has never had any major behavioral issues, much less criminal history. With all this bearing down their son's grades began to slip, his anxiety and other issues were exacerbated including potential PTSD flashbacks. At one point Tiffany was called to the school to see her son. He had scraped his arm and it was the school's determination he was in danger of "self-harm." Tiffany was taken to a room to talk with a police officer about the situation. She wasn't even told that her son had been remanded to an inpatient mental health facility without her even being informed.

<blockquote>On Saturday we received a bill from the hospital than involuntarily took Nate to for just over $2100, he spent less than 3 hours there where he talked to a nurse who called the Doctor the Doctor came down said he did not need to be there and released him to us no medicine give no emergency services used etc. Then on Monday evening we received a letter from the courts telling us have a hearing on the 21st for charges of possession of a schedule 2 drug.</blockquote>

Child Protective Services case was opened after this as well, adding further insult to further injury. Another interesting thing to note, the charge of possession of a Schedule 2 substance. Here's the thing though, the CBD oil he had was hemp-derived, non-psychoactive and is legal in every state in the Union. THC and marijuana or any marijuana-derived psychoactive products are still firmly in schedule 1. Just another testament to the confusion amongst administrators, police officers and many of the other authorities involved.

Tiffany hopes that school administrators, CPS and Police officers will eventually receive training and courses on how to deal with students with disabilities or mental conditions as well as about legal CBD products and Medical Marijuana.

<quote>"The CPS officer wanted to drug test my son. I told them you know he is a Florida Medical Marijuana patient they did not even know it was legal they had no idea what CBD oil was and that it was Federally legal. These people that deal with children every day are not even trained to work with issues."</quote>

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Before Christmas, the case was put off until late January. Most recently the family was sent a letter from the youth court. A diversion program was being offered. All he has to do is plead guilty to possession of a Schedule 1 narcotic and take a drug class. Oh… and of course be a felon for life, be cut out of several jobs, scholarships, grants and other opportunities. The legal CBD oil was never sent to a lab to be tested.

For the Walkers, there is no choice but to continue to fight. If you're interested in helping out the <a href="">family has a GoFundMe page set up</a> to help offset some of the expenses incurred during the whole ordeal.

<blockquote>"Does this scare the crap out of us to kick it back to the courts and fight it out of course but I refuse and my son refuses to say he is guilty of something he is not just to avoid a hard road ahead. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go forward in our battle. Share our story so others know they aren't alone and that we stand up for everyone's right to plant medicine."</blockquote>

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Tiffany Young No. 16410 2018-01-18 : 15:07

Thank you so much for covering our story. Education of law enforcement is key. We must move forward so that people are informed of their rights.

Anonymous No. 16446 2018-01-19 : 01:12

awesome article!

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