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US Shutdown Starts For Federal Services

The number of federal workers that will not be able to report for duty today amounts to almost 500,000. Unfortunately for them, some won’t be paid till a resolution to the current crisis is found.

As a Sunday Senate session brought no relief for Democrats and Republicans, with the key sticking point still being immigration, today marks the start of a very uncertain period for many workers.

Even though the essential services will be kept open, tourists sites, for example, are already affected.

In New York, visitors from all over the world stood before a closed Statue of Liberty for the first time in 5 years as many were saddened to see the journey of a lifetime end like this.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tried to bring the two sides closer together, to no avail: “It would be my intention to proceed to legislation that would address DACA, border security and related issues.”

“It is also my intention take up legislation on increased defense spending, disaster relief and other important matters.”

President Trump continues to claim that his party is being held hostage by the Democrats and says the "nuclear option" of a simple majority vote in the Senate would be needed in the future to end the impasse. His planned trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, could be canceled.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders commented that: “We will not negotiate on the status of unlawful immigrants while Senator Schumer and the Democrats hold the government for millions of Americans and our troop's hostage.”

With elections looming in November for about one-third of all Senators, many are sticking to their guns and waiting for the other side to make a move.


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Anonymous No. 16630 2018-01-22 : 10:02

Remember to call your DEMOCRAT Congressman because the Whole Liberal Socialist DEMOCRAT Party voted NO.

The RINO's are innocent this time.

The Democrats OWN this and soley are to blame.

Anonymous No. 16634 2018-01-22 : 10:50


The Liberals need fresh voters because too many of their voters can see the Liberalized Democrat party no longer represents the best interests of USA.

Many of thedemocrat voters:

* have moved out of proverty roles and are working.

* no longer buy into the false KKK, race pimping boogyman tactics.

* see the liberal protest any then and even thing with hostility.

* see the Democrat party as the surpressors of freedom of speech.

* see the Liberal Democrats as funding Domestic Terrorists to fight America.

* see the Liberal Democrats have focused thier political strength in Liberal controlled Metro concentration style camps and the decay of these areas speak for themselves.

* Because of these and other failed policies the Liberal Democrats need the 800,000+ votes tied to DREAMERS (illegals) to stay politically alive.


In some cases these Illegals have had multiple chances over the last 40+ years to apply for US Citizenship and just refused.

Less some of you forget the August 4th, 1977 Carter immigration plan offered amnesty for undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. since 1970, and TEMPORARY residence for those here since Dec. 31, 1976. it was passed by Congress. Under that plan they had to register and file for Federal I.N.S. status.

YOU MAY NOTE: Even Carter refused to give blanket amnesty. Because he understood that there must be controls, time blend and a weeding out process.

Read Carter's Immigrations plan in his own words.

Despite this opportunity for citizenship, LESS THAN 23% of those eligible applied and used it. While a vast majority of those illegally here avoided INS registration, still stayed and had what is called Anchor babies.

The general school of thought was it seems: .

Why become a US Citizen pay US Income Taxes as required of US Citizens. Work here earn $$$$ tax free, and go home to whatever crappy old country they came from as a RICH person and live like kings. And/Or why leave or register when you can stay with obvious Democrat protections, illegally vote and milk the sysyem that does not exist back in whatever crappy country they escaped from?


This is NOT the 1880-1930's We are no longer are a Expanding Country seeking masses.

A modern Immigration plan is needed to reflect the USA of 2018+.

IF a mother came here illegally to have a Anchor Baby, that was done with Criminal intent and should not be rewarded. It is not the Federal Gov to blame, it is the Illegal Mother's and the Liberals that worked so hard to cause the situation we have now.

Comment Written by:

The middle class Son of a 1st Generation Legal Eur-Asian immigrant Father, that married a 1st generation Puerto Rican Taino indian woman.

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