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CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Trump Will De-Nuclearize North Korea

CIA Director Mike Pompeo stated that President Trump intends to denuclearize North Korea permanently and that all options are on the table in doing so despite the desire to handle the dangers posed by the rogue leadership of North Korea to America's allies in the region surrounding the isolated state.

President Trump has made overwhelming progress with the North Korea leadership, in the sense that the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has never before attempted to meet with South Korea until after the immense pressures from the Trump Administration in part with tough-talking rhetoric, such as the declaration of North Korea as a<a href=""> "state sponsor of terror" </a>in November.

In a<a href=""> interview </a>with Norah O'Donnell of "CBS This Morning," Pompeo reaffirmed that America still isn't wavering in its responsibility to protect its allies under NATO and United Nations charter.

Japan is also a key ally of America, who as per treaty is responsible for protecting the island until their hopes of rewriting a Japanese Constitution is fulfilled.

"We're gonna continue crushing our adversaries, whether the government's open or closed," Pompeo said, joking essentially about the past shut down by the Democratic Party.

When asked just how close North Korea is to be able to attack the United States of America with a Nuclear Weapon, Pompeo replied, "A handful of months."

"It's true. I hope to be able to say it a year from now as well. The United States government is working diligently to extend that timeline," Pompeo said.

"Here's what we can say. We can always identify that the program is continuing. We'll never know the exact nature of what's taking place. We'll never know the exact moment that they're going to continue. But the core risk that the policymakers needed to know was that North Korea's nuclear weapons program is continuing to expand, advance, become more powerful, more capable, more reliable. Each of those things had been shared with policymakers," Pompeo said in reference to the multiple nuclear tests currently occurring in North Korea.

Most recently, we've seen signs that the North Koreans are going to be meeting with their lifelong enemy in South Korea at the upcoming<a href=""> 2018 Winter Olympics </a>next month, which are to be held in Pyeongchang, the South Korean host of the events.

Both North and South Korean officials met with the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach in Lausanne on January 20th, with a handshake that shows a promising change from previous eras, where Presidents of the United States have failed repeatedly to end the half-decade long cease-fire between the two countries.

The meeting followed North Korea's rogue leader Kim Jong Un's New Year's address declaring that he's willing to send a delegation to the Olympics. At the same time, however, Kim also reiterated his nuclear threats against the U.S., a close ally of South Korea.

Analysts are saying that Kim's pronouncements could be viewed as a clever attempt to drive a wedge between allies Washington and Seoul as a way to ease the international pressure and sanctions against his isolated country.

Mike Pompeo stated that the Central Intelligence Agency has presented a multitude of options for President Trump to examine.

"We're working to prepare a series of options to make sure that we can deliver a range of things so the president will have the full suite of possibilities. The president is intent on delivering this solution through diplomatic means," Pompeo said.

"We are equally at the same time ensuring that if we conclude that is not possible, that we present the president a range of options to achieve what is his stated intention," Pompeo continued, which he later described to "denuclearize permanently" North Korea, "that we're gonna foreclose this risk."

What's a brilliant and masterful chess game of maneuvering has so far turned out to show progress, but President Trump clearly has the resolve to act if necessary.

North Korea also has a very skillful propaganda arm, made up of excellent orchestration and provocation that puts on a spectacular event, as the world has seen during their parades.

The problem is, that behind the cutting the reality is that the quality of life for North Koreans isn't exactly something to brag about, with millions literally on the verge of starvation, according to South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon.

The North Koreans are set to celebrate a national holiday on February 8th, where it's expected to put the military arsenal with their extraordinary showmanship on full display to the world yet again.

The military capacity of the North Korean military doesn't stand a chance against America, although that doesn't mean the force is one to take for granted.

Not to mention the Chinese simply wouldn't tolerate such a strike against their neighbor, with Mike Pompeo acknowledging that if a preemptive strike were ever to take place it would certainly be a risking maneuver in prompting a Chinese response.

This comes after China has blatantly ignored the United Nations sanctions forbidding assistance being provided to North Korea, having been<a href=""> caught in the act </a>of providing oil to their Southern neighbor.

This largely due to the fact that China itself is engaged in a covert currency war with the United States, in which the two opposing economies will attempt to subvert one-another at any chance they have.

President Trump<a href=""> blasted the Chinese </a>after they were caught dealing with North Korea, which suggests that China has no intention of assisting America in future endeavors.

This is why CIA Director Pompeo consider it crucial the President of the United States of America remains firm in his challenges to the North Koreans because an America that is feared is an America that is respected.

With America engaged in multiple conflicts in the Middle East and having troops all across the globe, Kim Jong Un has used this as well as China's reluctance to impose any truly crushing sanctions of their own on North Korea, to build and stockpile intercontinental ballistic missiles in his hope for becoming a nuclear nation.

Pompeo also suggested that North Korea desires the same sort of power, which is why Kim Jong Un wants a Nuclear Arsenal, to begin with, to strike fear into anyone who would challenge the regime.

"We do believe that Kim Jong-Un, given these toolsets, would use them for things besides simply regime protections – that is, to put pressure on what is his ultimate goal, which is the reunification of the peninsula under his authority," Pompeo said. "This is a threat to the whole world."

There's zero doubt that if Kim Jong Un fully achieves his nuclear ambitions, the starving nation will use it to impose his will on the region, which is why Pompeo says it's crucial that Central Intelligence Agency and the President continue to apply pressure.

Norah O'Donnell asked Pompeo what his goal in expanding the CIA's clandestine operations in the region are, to which he simply said, "I want the president to have the best intelligence in the world."

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I fear that fat boy kimmie will use the olympics as a way to cause a worldwide pandemic. He's already killed his brother with vx, so how far of a leap would it be to infect people from all over the world with some nasty virus?

If I was an Olympic athlete I would not participate if NK was there.

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