By: Ron Cordova | 03-10-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

Shia Lebouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" Season 3 Has Ended

"He Will Not Divide Us" Season 3 began on March 8, 2017 with Shia Lebouf setting up a camera pointing towards an HWNDU flag at an unknown location with just a sky as background and the challenge: "[The Flag] will be flown for the duration [of Trump's presidency]".

Autists at 8chan's /hwndu/ board immediately began searching for clues to the whereabouts of the flag. Listening to the local fauna, they were able to guess the biome of the flag. By watching the sun go down, they were able to find the orientation of the flag. At night they were able to see stars in the background and used that to find the general location of the flag. After 3am they then sent out a car who honked his horn at strategic locations to pinpoint the flag by playing "Marco Polo" with 8chan over the video stream.

With this data, they were able to find a few flag poles in the general area by scrutinizing Google Maps. Using the orientation data from earlier, they checked flight paths and were able to predict flights 4-5 minutes before showing up on the live stream. A local autist cross referenced flight data with angles and figured out the exact location of the flag pole.

In the morning, an expedition team was sent out to get recon on the flag. After photographing and confirming the flag, a possible heist went into the planning stage. Some larping ex-military anons gave advice on possible routes and safe exit points to get the flag and get out undetected. Multiple anons then began sending out disinfo to confuse any possible efforts by Shia to stop the flag heist. Unfortunately for Shia, some anons were crouched in the nearby field all night, waiting for an opening.

After watching the patterns of the flag guards carefully, a courageous Anon went over and valiantly removed the HWNDU flag, replacing it with a MAGA hat. The MAGA hat was on the flag pole for 10 minutes before being taken down in pure rage, likely by Shia himself.

The general area of the camera was located in 12 hours, pinpointed in 26 hours, and the flag was stolen within 36 hours.

"A bunch of autists on the internet just committed a meticulously planned nighttime operation against an enemy installation." -Anon

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Anonymous No. 1679 2017-03-10 : 07:46

Good job fam

Anonymous No. 1680 2017-03-10 : 08:19

who is this guy and why he's talked about?

Ted Covarrubias No. 1681 2017-03-10 : 08:57

One may say it is a Civil War. Others might say perhaps the first stage of World War 3. Most here would say both of those have already started on January 20, 2009. I do know that World War 3 will be between NATIONALISTS and GLOBALISTS and the STATE ACTORS that have collaborated with the Obama Regime to destabilize America into Civil War. America, Britain and France are the faces of this NATIONALIST MOVEMENT and President Trump needs to meet and hold a press conference with Le Pen to show solidarity with this ANTI-GLOBALIST, ANTI-ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT MOVEMENT. America needs to form an ANTI-GLOBALIST COALITION to suppress the DNC INSURRECTION actively seeking to undermine and weaken President Trump's Administration to overthrow it. Great Britain is also under attack from COMMIE GLOBALISTS using the RUSSIAN HACKING NARRATIVE to undermine and overturn the BREXIT VOTE. $oro$ and Obama have unlimited financing to pay strategically placed DNC UNDERCOVER OPERATIVES to gather INTEL to leak to the complicit media. This is intentional for POLITICAL SUBVERSION and should be prosecuted under SEDITION AND TREASON. The media will paint any arrests by President Trump's Administration as politically motivated and these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS will be propagandized as political prisoners to create the narrative that President Trump is a DICTATOR. Couple that with the DNC's hiring of 4 Muslim Brotherhood Operatives paid MILLIONS to spy on the House Foreign Affairs and House Intelligence Committee and you can see a distinct pattern emerging. The OPPOSITION PARTY'S actions belie their true intentions and cannot be surmised as anything other than preparations for War through Obfuscation and Escalation through Instigation.


Ted Covarrubias No. 1682 2017-03-10 : 09:00

This is how the DICTATOR of a Shadow Police State instigates a Civil War. The preferred method is conducted through a calculated campaign of PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS (Psy-Ops). A black communist journalist was arrested for calling in threats to Jewish Community Centers which the media used to blame on Trump Supporters without any evidence and then proceeded to vilify President Trump as being anti-Semitic. Black pastors lighting their own churches on fire claiming RACISM and a fat insurance check. Muslim Imams vandalizing their own mosques while claiming ISLAMIPHOBIA. A Muslim female in Michigan claiming WHITE Trump supporters ripped off her hijab which was proven false and she admitted it. Nazi and KKK graffiti tagged by black people. Fake racist troll accounts written and owned by black and hispanic and middle eastern people. White DNC operatives dressed in Trump gear being hired to go to rallies and incite racial violence proven by Project Veritas. I could go on and on across the country about these same examples that were only reported locally during the election season. These are militant PSY-OPS being perpetuated upon the AMERICAN PEOPLE by this COMMIE GLOBALIST INSURRECTION. This is a Civil War that Obama's Shadow Government is waging and this will only escalate. Just wait until President Trump is blamed for drug testing of all UNEMPLOYMENT, FOOD STAMP AND WELFARE RECIPIENTS or those programs are cancelled all together. Just wait until the Cartel Controlled Sanctuary Cities revolt. This spring and summer will be the escalation point known officially as THE FIGHTING SEASON. You will see rioting and random acts of violence against white people nationwide. This will be a GUERRILLA CIVIL RACE WAR and it will never end if this INSURRECTION is not crushed now. We have innocent PATRIOTS stranded behind enemy lines surrounded by CARTEL CONTROLLED SANCTUARY CITIES with no means to protect themselves as the DNC uses the guise of compassionate immigration to expand their voter base and revenue stream through HUMAN TRAFFICKING. I call it the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD to MODERN DAY SLAVERY. The FBI calls it the BLACK MARKET for SEX TRAFFICKING and the DEA has identified all of them as NARCOTICS MULES for NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING. I call THEM the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Ted Covarrubias No. 1683 2017-03-10 : 09:02

The Obama Shadow Regime's game-plan is to use the template of their Ukraine Playbook to destabilize President Trump's Administration by undermining his Cabinet to weaken the EXECUTIVE BRANCH with the intention of overthrowing it. Obama was able to achieve this in Ukraine by presenting Viktor Yanukovych as a RUSSIAN PROXY PUPPET PRESIDENT, American Propaganda Media is pushing this same RUSSIAN PROXY PUPPET NARRATIVE for 5 months as a means to paint President Trump as a RUSSIAN PROXY PUPPET PRESIDENT. The objective is to create CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE DESTABILIZATION just as was accomplished in UKRAINE. These MANUFACTURED PROTESTS are intentionally orchestrated to weaken our National Security. The media has already stated the reason President Trump has not released his TAX RETURNS is because of his FINANCIAL ties to Russia. Two men named Felix Sater and Dmitry Firtash will be linked to President Trump and his campaign. AG Sessions is now being propagandized as being complicit with "SUPPOSED TIES" to Russia along with General Flynn and Paul Manafort. Does not matter that this is not true, President Trump is being painted into a corner for POLITICAL ASSASSINATION. Every action will be met with repercussions for all PATRIOTS. I will provide links after I post this to prevent any censorship or ERRONEOUS COPYRIGHT DELETIONS by Mods or Admins. I can assure you that every article I have written is of my own volition, exclusively encompassing my own vernacular in it's composition. I challenge any and all HWNDU Commie Collaborators to prove otherwise.

somerandomasshole No. 1684 2017-03-10 : 09:30

Trump, avatar of Pepe - the prophet of Kek, promised us that he would win and keep on winning. Today we witness the truth of his words! SHADILAY BROTHERS!

Matthew No. 1685 2017-03-10 : 15:20

Fuckin comedy gold

Anonymous No. 1686 2017-03-10 : 16:27

we did it reddit

Anonymous No. 1687 2017-03-10 : 16:43

Shadilay my dudes!!!

odmartin No. 1688 2017-03-10 : 18:20

Loved it! Just the kind of activity to respond to the insanity.

Anonymous No. 1689 2017-03-10 : 18:38

Shadilay! We did it! NORMIES BTFO!

dsa No. 1690 2017-03-10 : 18:52

mini 4chan

Anon No. 1691 2017-03-10 : 19:09

This made my morning!

Anonymous No. 1692 2017-03-10 : 19:15

Praise unto kek

Anonymous No. 1693 2017-03-10 : 19:27

Shia Labeouf is not a real artist

If he was a real artist, he wouldn't have put the livestream camera in the middle of nowhere

But of course, nowhere is safe from us

Nothing is beyond our reach

Mark No. 1694 2017-03-10 : 20:37

It took me a little while to register you call yourselves "autists" after Au, the atomic symbol for gold, as a reference to Barry Goldwater, because when I first read the obsessive detail the "autists" went to so they could determine the location of a flag, I assumed they truly were people afflicted with autism, which causes obsessive attention to details within a narrow range of interests.

Anonymous No. 1695 2017-03-10 : 21:43

/leftypol/ here. That's glorious. I love this.

thai is better than phillip No. 1696 2017-03-10 : 21:49

the GIRLS being lazy on the stream yesterday when we broke the news , now they are trying to make bank on the article typical

Anonymous No. 1697 2017-03-10 : 22:21

Jesus and Jackie are smiling upon you anons

Anonymous No. 1698 2017-03-10 : 23:54


Anonymous No. 1709 2017-03-11 : 05:48

Can you faggots please fix the images so they expand when they are clicked? ffs

Free Kekistan No. 1719 2017-03-11 : 16:32

The armies of Kekistan will never be defeated by the likes of Shia LaBeouf!

Adolf No. 1806 2017-03-15 : 13:39

Hail Brothers! Take back the United States. Remove the enemy from your midst!

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