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DOJ Recovers Missing Texts Revealing Secret Society Plot to Takedown President Trump

Breaking news coming from inside the United States of America's Department Of Justice with claims that the DOJ has successfully recovered numerous text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page - which the Federal Bureau of Investigation allowed to mysteriously vanish - in what appears to be an intentional effort to hide a "secret society" plot to take down America's President.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz told Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) in a groundbreaking letter in Thursday that confirms the recovery of the text messages.

Inspector General Horowitz said that the DOJ investigators have now only "succeeded" in the recovery of the five-months worth of communications between Peter Strzok, a counter-intelligence agent, and bureau lawyer Lisa Page, but that the dedicated efforts of those involved to find this truly deserves praise.

"The (inspector general) has been investigating this matter and, this week, succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page," Horowitz said.

<a href=">The three-page letter can be downloaded by clicking here or viewing on Scridb below. </a>

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We know that in at least one of the correspondences between Strzok and Page there was a direct mention of the "secret society" which has further fueled the rage of Trump supporters against the crystal-clear effort to bring down the 45tb President.

The Department of Justice and the House Intelligence Committee will no doubt further examine these texts, to both provide context to the questions which remain as to who ordered Strzok to cover up the email corruption of Hillary Clinton as well as the attempts to take down President Trump.

President Trump had also chimed in on the matter, only to support those who follow him in demanding that the government show transparency.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Where are the 50,000 important text messages between FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok? Blaming Samsung!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href="">January 24, 2018</a></blockquote>

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has attempted to claim that a "technical error" caused the agency to "lose" the text messages which span the entirety of five months, beginning on December 14th of 2016 and ending on May 17th of 2017.

The time allotted provides the potential for thousands of text messages, all of which occurred after Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, giving credence to the claims that there was a significant effort from several individuals to subvert the Trump Administration.

During that same time span, there were several illegal wiretaps against American citizens, as confirmed on Wednesday in a<a href=""> groundbreaking report from The Goldwater's </a>investigative journalists.

In those reports, it was discovered that the then-NSA head Mike Rogers had discovered multiple FISA cases of abuse, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation allowed a redacted organization to access the database of the FISA entries, including performing illicit monitoring of several also redacted individuals.

From the same investigation it was discovered that many of the wiretaps occurred during the campaign season, and seemingly match the known efforts of the FBI to meet with the Clinton Campaign funded Fusion GPS, suggesting that both the FBI under now-fired Director Comey and the corrupt organization worked in collusion against an American Presidential Candidate.

If confirmed to be true, this would mean that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had gone rogue and directly interfered with America's democratic elections, threatening both the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and the nation's sovereignty.

The American people no longer trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any integrity that the Bureau once held has long since diminished as a result of this corruption and the continued efforts to cover it up.

After FBI Deputy Director was exposed for his involvement in the coverup of Hillary Clinton's email investigation, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to terminate the corrupt second-in-command, only to receive threats from Wray of resignation in return.

The credibility and trust of Wray are now brought into question as many surrounding him have been exposed and he's apparently protecting them.

The shocking revelations made in the past two weeks have brought the darkness of the corrupt left-wing of America into the light for all to see, with the discussion of a secret society of powerful anti-Americans lurking inside of the federal government.

The Democratic Party has thus far refused to end their claims about Russian interference, without any evidence to support their allegations in what many believe is a distraction from the <i>real collusion</i> which undoubtedly occurred between the Obama Administration and federal law enforcement agencies who interfered in the 2016 elections.

The damning proof of a coordinated effort to attack the President of the United States of America is now in the hands of m the Department of Justice, which should verify there was indeed collusion <i>amongst the Democratic Party and several members of Obama's Administration</i>.

Several corrupt members of the federal intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement divisions have also been named in Devin Nunes' controversial memo, including FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein along with former FBI Director James Comey, as confirmed in a report by<a href=""> The Daily Beast</a>.

Several members of the Democratic Party including Congressional liaison Stephen Boyd have publicly decried the release of the Nunes memo, attempting to keep it silenced from the public.

"It would be extraordinarily reckless for the Committee to disclose such information publicly without giving the Department and the FBI the opportunity to review the memorandum and to advise the HPSCI [the House intelligence committee] of the risk of harm to national security and to ongoing investigations that could come from public release," Boyd said.

The American people demand the release of the memo and the GOP has promised it will be revealed to the public, although the Democratic Party has proceeded to prevent this using every tool at their disposal.

The disgraced FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok has brought with him the downfall of the entire Russian narrative, despite the liberal propaganda still attempting to push the lie into the hearts and minds of Americans who completely distrust the Democratic Party at this point.

Each day that passes the American people is further reminded just how corrupt the Obama Administration and his federal government was in their actions.

Soon, more should be confirmed after the House Intelligence Committee finally makes the efforts to <b>"Release The Memo"</b> as the people have demanded.

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