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Despite Efforts By Major Retailers And YouTube, Record Numbers Of Teens Are Still Eating Tide Pods

Despite efforts by stores, online retailers and YouTube, the Tide Pod eating craze continues into 2018 and the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) released a report that says record numbers of teens are intentionally eating the laundry detergent-filled gel capsules.

<a href="">Stores Taking Steps to Stop People from Shoplifting Detergents Due to Craze</a>

According to the report, the number of reported cases of teenagers eating Tide Pods more than doubled from 39 incidents as of January 16 to a staggering 86 reported cases as of January 22. The number of teens eating the gel capsules continues to rise despite efforts from companies like YouTube and Amazon.

Both companies have taken steps to remove harmful Tide Pod content from their sites but the meme continues. It originally started as 'the Tide Pod challenge', a social media dare that saw participants uploading videos of themselves eating the capsules to the internet.

YouTube even announced they will take down any videos of people eating the pods which they say violates their Community Guidelines. Amazon also said in a comment to Motherboard recently that they would be removing Tod Pod reviews advocating that people eat the product.

A quick search for 'Tide Pods' actually shows a number of such reviews are still online in the form of multiple user-submitted questions in the "customer questions & answers" for the flavor and taste of the laundry pods.

Common sense is a superpower, DON'T EAT TIDE PODS. THEY CONTAIN POISON.

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