By: Steve Dellar | 01-29-2018 | News
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Audio - Israeli Scandal As Netanyahu Wife Screams At Aide

Israeli citizens were amazed to find out today that the stories they heard rumors about for so many years, were actually true. For years upon end, Ms Sara Netanyahu, the wife of their Prime Minister Benjamin, had been in and out of court, facing dozens of accusations from former employees who said the ‘first couple’ treated their employees ‘like slaves’.

In the leaked audio recording, Ms Netanyahu can be heard furiously scolding a family publicist over a gossip column.

The article had apparently dared to mention that the premier’s wife was “obligated” to public service and had, therefore, appeared at a function because she had to.

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Ms Netanyahu can then be heard screaming: “I’m doing it. As a professional, as an ed-u-cated woman. A psy-cho-lo-gist,” “BA, MA,” (in an apparent referral to her bachelor and master’s degrees).

She then orders the publicist to reprimand the editor of the magazine, shouting ever louder: “This prime minister’s wife does public service every day.”

“In her professional capacity.”

The Netanyahu family have faced various accusations from employees over the past years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to defend his wife after the audio leaked to the press, claiming everyone “gets angry and says a few words that he didn’t mean”.

During the most high-profile court case against Ms Sara Netanyahu in 2016, a former employee, Mr Meni Naftali, successfully sued her for verbal and emotional abuse and won $30k in damages. According to Mr Naftali there was always “atmosphere of fear among the employees, who were afraid of being victims of minor incidents that would escalate into difficult, rage-filled outbursts, especially after she would drink large amounts of alcohol that I and others would bring to her room daily”.


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Anonymous No. 17070 2018-01-29 : 19:53

Sounds like a Jewish speaking Hidle Rotten Cliton to me.

Anonymous No. 17085 2018-01-29 : 23:29


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