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Photo credit: US Border Patrol

Texas Border Patrol Discovers 76 Illegals Packed in Tractor Trailer

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the discovery of 76 criminal illegal aliens hiding inside of a tractor-trailer in the Laredo Sector of Texas. The conditions were clearly life-endangering.

Border Patrol Agents made the discovery on North Highway 38 after they encountered a tractor-trailer at the Border Patrol Checkpoint positioned in the primary inspection lane.

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When the driver of the semi was questioned in regards to his immigration status, responses given to Border Patrol Agents raised enough suspicion to refer him into the secondary inspection lane.

Once Border Patrol Agents began inspecting the trailer, they were completely shocked to locate 76 illegal aliens inside, many of whom were being held in deplorable conditions without any additional clothing, water, or food.

This is a classic example of<a href=""> Coyotaje (Coyote)</a>, the practice of for-profit human smuggling across the border.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) define smuggling as the "Importation of people into the United States involving deliberate evasion of immigration laws. This offense includes bringing human beings into the country, as well as the unlawful transportation and harboring of immigrants already in the United States."

Oftentimes these practices endanger the lives of the illegals who are being trafficked into the United States. There have been multiple occurrences of these trafficking events that end with the result of all of the people inside dying of asphyxiation due to high-heat in the summer months.

Fortunately, it being the end of January all of the illegals onboard were considered to be in good health.

Agents of the Border Patrol said that the 76 illegals were eventually determined to be from the countries of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Thirteen unaccompanied alien children were among those found inside the tractor-trailer, which increases the likelihood they could have been sold into child sex trafficking.

The driver, a United States Citizen, was arrested and the tractor-trailer was seized by Border Patrol.

Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta issued the following<a href=""> statement</a>:

<blockquote>"These criminal organizations view these individuals as mere commodities without regard for their safety. The blatant disregard for human life will not be tolerated."</blockquote>

<blockquote>"We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to disrupt and dismantle these organizations and prosecute those responsible. The Laredo Sector Border Patrol will continue to warn against the dangers of people crossing illegally into the United States through dangerous environmental conditions."</blockquote>

<blockquote>"Our Border Safety Initiative (BSI) is a humanitarian, bi-national strategy designed to reduce illegal alien deaths, educate and inform potential illegal aliens of the dangers and hazards of crossing the border illegally, and to respond to those who are in life-threatening situations."</blockquote>

While some would consider this a major victory for saving the lives of the illegal, including the children and adults onboard, many other Americans are appreciative that these potential criminals aren't free to roam America's streets.

It brings into question the occurrence of such trafficking events, and just how often humans are smuggled inside of tractor-trailers into our country.

Much of the proposed border wall funding from President Trump will ensure that checkpoints such as the Laredo Sector region will be equipped with thermal imagery cameras to instantly check all tractor-trailers coming into the United States of America.

At minimal, these brave Border Patrol Agents can rest assured that they may have prevented future murderers or gangbangers from harming children, and also may have saved the unaccompanied minors from ending up into a child sex trafficking ring.

<b>Great job, CBP!</b>

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