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Larry Nassar To Face Another 60 Victims At Second Sentencing

Convicted rapist and pedophile Larry Nassar is going to face another 60 victims in a sentencing hearing in a new county. Judge Janice Cunningham was sure to set aside several days for the roughly 60 girls molested by Nassar who requested to speak.

Recently, The Goldwater reported on the <a href="">sentencing and scandal ensuing the criminal trial</a> against one of the worst serial pedophiles America has over known. His decades of abuse of young preteen and teenage athletes went unnoticed for so long that when he was finally caught, the entire USA Gymnastics board was forced to resign.

The sentencing last week in another county saw Nassar get sentenced to 40 to 175 years, something another judge described as signing the doctor's "death warrant."

Allowing accusers to speak even if they are not directly tied to a case has raised questions about fairness, but attorneys say the victim statements will pose little risk on appeal since Nassar has already pleaded guilty.

Nassar agreed to allow the statements and is expected to get another long prison sentence from the deal with these prosecutors. The former leader of a Michigan association of criminal defense attorneys Margaret Raben said, "If you get what you bargained for, then you really can't argue that you were prejudiced in any way."

Prosecutors will often introduce "aggravating" evidence at sentencing to support their request for a severe punishment. The duration of the victim testimonies at Nassar's hearing was well beyond the norm, but that's fine because so did his crimes.

Raben went on to criticize Judge Rosemarie Aquilina's handling of the case saying there was a "horrible dynamic" last week in her courtroom. "Her obvious delight was just off the wall," Raben said.

"I am not defending Larry Nassar at all, but what I saw with her was a real abandonment of judicial demeanor. … The process doesn't change because everybody hates the defendant. That is the absolute glory, or should be, of the American justice system."

On the other hand, those like attorney Mick Grewal, who represents 11 of the victims, say that it is a "cathartic experience."

Grewal went on to say, "Now they're at a point in their healing process where they want to confront Larry, and they want to show the world that they are survivors and they are strong and they are part of this movement. It helps them through the healing process."

Grewal recognized that the number of victims who have come forward is extraordinary. "The only case that's out there that's even similar in stature is Penn State, and this is now six times as big as Penn State, maybe seven times," he explained.

The "Penn State" incident he refers to is the scandal surrounding assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky who was convicted of molesting several young boys.

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Anonymous No. 17190 2018-01-31 : 14:36

this was/is an epic crime!

and it prepares the public for what is coming regarding pedophile human trafficking

and "ritual" practices that lead us straight into the darkest corners of existence on earth.

many will say - this is hell on earth!

2017 we saw with Weinstein, Spacey a soft disclosure!

2018 we will see into the abyss of hell on earth

be prepared!

that will cause massive cognitive dissonance on normal people!

already more then 13000 sealed indictments


more then 500 CEO and whatever leading personal stepping back since september 2017

called noticeable resignments:

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