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Police Bust Multi-Million Dollar Burglary Ring Ran By Vietnamese Immigrants

After a dramatic spike in auto burglaries, Fremont Police began a regional investigation that dismantled a burglary ring ran by Vietnamese immigrants.

Fremont detectives say the investigation lasted two months and ended in 9 arrests and millions of dollars in recovered property. Beginning in late 2017, detectives conducted follow-ups to several auto burglaries at commercial shopping centers near the I880 corridor in Fremont, California.

The area in Fremont saw a 35% increase in theft from vehicles in 2017 and the department directed several resources to the rising crime. Starting on December 8, investigators began an undercover surveillance operation that led detectives to a storage facility in San Jose, California.

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Detectives observed the suspects loading what they believed to be stolen electronic devices into a large storage container used to ship friend overseas. Authorities seized the container and searched the contents.

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In the container, detectives found more than 900 stolen electronic devices including laptops and tablets totaling $1 million. The container was being shipped to Vietnam. After a thorough investigation, authorities found a highly sophisticated multi-million dollar fencing scheme operated out of the Bay Area.

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The investigation found low-level criminals and gang members were being used to break into parked vehicles in cities throughout the Bay Area. The thieves would steal laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The conspiracy was found to be centralized in Santa Clara County.

Detectives from Fremont worked with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Crime Strategies Unit who helped secure warrants and high bail affidavits for the massive operation. January 25, 2018, detectives mobilized a multi-location operation to serve seven search warrants around the Bay Area simultaneously.

United States Customs Airport Division also assisted in the apprehension of two suspects who were stopped as they attempted to board a flight to Vietnam. The two suspects were carrying 18 bags of luggage with more than 300 stolen electronics inside. Another 700+ items were recovered from the other suspects locations.

Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office charged eight suspects with multiple felony counts including conspiracy, possession of stolen property and an excessive takings enhancement. The names of those arrested are below.

Carlos Paz, 28, of San Francisco

Huong Tran, 31, of San Jose

Benjamin Pham, 44, of San Jose

Luan Huynh, 30, of San Jose

Hung On, 51, of San Jose

Cinthia Martinez, 38, of San Francisco

Marvin Paz, 33, of San Francisco

Rony Martinez, 34, of San Francisco

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