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Are #MeToo and #TimesUp A Distraction From Hollywood's Pedo Underworld?

Mozart's final work, Die Zauberfrisse (the Magic Flute) was, by some accounts, an attempted Illuminati expose. Unfortunately, Wolfgang was not alive for the first performance. Similarly, the final film (nearly) completed by Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut, is often said to be an expose of the latest in Illuminati hijinx. The film covers a lot of ground, but some of the most important material is focused around clues related to CIA mind control, MK-Monarch programming and child exploitation.

Rumor has it <a href="">Mozart's first Illuminati inspired work</a> was actually commissioned by a Bavarian lodge. In the case of Kubrick, there are of course the stories of how films like the Shining may hold clues to secrets that the auteur himself was privy too. Eyes Wide Shut was being cut by producers when Kubrick suddenly died of a heart attack.

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Two creepy smiling older men picking through teddy bears, there's a chill I got while watching the daughter look back at her parents, seemingly unsure, as she goes on to follow. This is especially telling considering the subtext throughout the film regarding, for instance, what seems like a teenage girl (played by Leelee Sobieski) being prostituted by her own family. The entirety of the film, like so much of Kubrick's work, is rife with symbolism.

A classic article from the website goes deeply into the connection between Eyes Wide Shut and MK-Ultra, Monarch and Trauma-based programming:

<blockquote>Early on in Eyes Wide Shut –while at a lavish party hosted by a rich bigwig named Ziegler (played by Sydney Pollack)–star Tom Cruise's character, Dr. Bill, is seduced by two beautiful "models" who take him by either arm, leading him toward an apparent menage a trois. When Dr. Bill asks where exactly they're taking him, the two lovelies reply: "Where the rainbow ends." When taken into context with what transpires later on in Eyes Wide Shut, this snatch of dialog appears to be an allusion to Monarch programming, as The Wizard of Oz has been long acknowledged by Monarch insiders as a common programming matrix, which uses Wizard of Oz themes and imagery as a tool to program minds. (It has been rumored that Judy Garland herself was the subject of just this sort of Monarch-styled mind control.) Later, Dr. Bill rents a cloak and mask from "Rainbow Costumes", which just happens to be located above another shop called "Under The Rainbow". In the first scene at the costume shop, the owner catches his underage daughter in a state of undress with two apparent drag queens, and understandably becomes quite upset. In a later scene, the shop owner does an about-face and appears not only to be pimping out his nubile daughter to these very same drag queens, but tries to interest Dr. Bill in her pert young bod, as well. This is all very telling, as most Wizard of Oz programming I've heard about allegedly deals with the programming of boys and girl–at a very early age–in their roles as Monarch slaves, through sexual molestation and other related trauma such as SRA, as part of pact between the parents of the abused children and their Monarch "handlers". (In many instances–it has been alleged–the parent will also perform the role of "handler". The "handler, in essence, is the "programmer", as well as a sort of go-between with the higher ups in the Monarch organization.) Whatever the case, something drastically "transformed" the costume shop owner's way of thinking, between the first and the second scenes, in a space of less than 24 hours. The inference here is that the Illuminati-styled cult that Dr. Bill stumbles upon is somehow responsible for this "trance-formation" of father to pimp and daughter to prostitute. This is part of the symbolism of Monarch, one of transformation, of caterpillar into butterfly; free-will into mental slavery. The term Monarch is deceptive in this sense, due to its identification with the Monarch butterfly, a creature of transformational beauty. This appears to be part of the deception of this programming; to delude its victims into believing they've been transformed into something magical, and full of wonder. Follow the yellow brick road. Although the "trance-formation" of the shop owner's daughter seems unrelated to later events that occur in the film, somehow these two seemingly anecdotal characters–the shop owner and daughter–have been affected by Dr. Bill's Illuminati-sex-ritual experience. The implication here is that anyone who comes within the span of Dr. Bill is, by association, caught up in a similar web of intrigue, often resulting in dire consequences.</blockquote>

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It is interesting to note that with all this hullabaloo about the behind the scenes bacchanalia in Hollywood with Weinsteins and their ilk having their way with any woman who wants a career the Dan Schneiders of the world considering the fact that it is literally "An Open Secret."

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Anonymous No. 17404 2018-02-03 : 14:49

Wow!!! This same exact thing happened to my cousin except it wasn't grandma and grandpa adopting it was sister just giving him to her sister without any legal paperwork just lied to the hospital as the sisters looked similar then lied to my cousin his whole childhood. I don't know how he found out but he wasn't happy. Wow!

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