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Super Bowl Ad Fail: Curious About Scientology?

Curious about Scientology? Well, if you're both curious and interested you've most likely been living under a rock or are already a member of the cult. The infamous cult notorious for its abusive behavior has bought Super Bowl ad time since 2013 and they just don't seem to get the fact that after multiple books, documentaries and a highly-acclaimed series starring Leah Remini, most anyone with an IQ and pulse is already aware of the truth behind the money-grabbing "org."

Social media definitely had it's fun with the latest attempt to garner wallets and warm bodies. The 30 second ad begins with what appears to be a simple Google search for "What is Scientology?"

The irony here being you can't even get thorugh the first page of Google search results for "What is Scientology" without being clued in to the abuses of the church from CNN, and UK's Telegraph.

According to Scientology watchdog Tony Ortega, Scientology didn't actually purchase air time during the Super Bowl's first half since those are all national spots. Right after halftime the ad showed up in Los Angeles and in a few other local spots towards the end of the third quarter. Could be a sign of the waning strength of what was once one of the most powerful forces in Hollywood during its height.

Ortega had several well-known former Scientologists weigh in on the ad as well.

<blockquote>Mike Rinder: ‘Curious’? Sure, about how tax exempt money is spent to act like Proctor and Gamble selling Tide.

Tom DeVocht: As an ad, I think it sucks. And, have you ever noticed that Scientology has never been able to answer the question they asked in it — what is Scientology? Seriously! </blockquote>

Ortega expects CO$ will attempt to milk the ad for all it is worth, quite possibly having it air during the Winter Olympics despite the fact that most anyone curious enough about Scientology is bound to discover more and more dark truths. As Ortega points out, the ad was understated compared to past years, featuring mostly recycled shots from earlier ads. Maybe they just don't have the bucks left over after litigation to pay for outreach like they could in the 80's and 90's.

The ultimate irony, however, lies in the fact that the viewers are suggested to "do something that Scientologists themselves are instructed never to do, and that’s to research Scientology on the Internet."

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