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Pedo Larry Nassar Sentenced to Another 125 Years. May He Burn in Hell

More news coming out of the explosive Dr. Larry Nassar Olympics Gymnastics scandal, with Nassar now being sentenced to an additional 40 to 125 years behind bars for his crimes against the innocent.

Nassar was already facing a life sentence, but the additional sentences in the current case can hopefully bring some sense of closure to the innocent who will never fully recover from the abuse at the hands of this deranged pedophile.

For nearly two decades Nassar was able to molest children without being noticed, tormenting their spirits as he sexually abused them and caused them endless suffering.

Many of Nassar's victims say they made reports back as far as in 1997, only to be ignored because of Nassar's prominence in the Olympic world.

Judge Janice Cunningham overheard the most recent case against the horrendous pedophile and listened as Nassar attempted to show a fictitious remorse in front of the courts.

Many of Nassar's victims have spoken out against the evil committed by his hands, saying that his words are lies and he means none of them.

<b>Here's just a handful of the phrases uttered by Nassar's victims:</b>

<i>"You're a pathetic monster who's only sorry he got caught."</i>

<i>"I cannot sleep because of what you have done."</i>

</i>"You stole my light and now I am taking it back."</i>

<i>"When girls came forward and told an adult, the adults didn't listen."</i>

<i>"You have pissed off the wrong army of women."</i>

<i>"The Bible tells me I should forgive. I cannot forgive you. I hate you. I want you dead. I hope you burn in hell you son-of-a-bitch."</i>

As a 54-year-old former doctor, Nassar has also been sentenced to 60 years for child pornography

In the courtroom, he said, "The visions of your testimony will forever be present in my thoughts."

But the Judge blasted Nassar and dismissed his apology entirely, stating he's a manipulator and has no remorse.

"I am not convinced that you truly understand that what you did was wrong, and the devastating impact that you have had on the victims, their families, and friends," Judge Cunningham said. "Clearly you are in denial, you don't get it, and I do not believe there is a likelihood you could be reformed."

Last week, a video showing the father of one of the victims attempting to attack Nassar in the courtroom went viral, as law enforcement inside the courtroom tackled the father to the ground to prevent him from reaching the monster who raped his child.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#BREAKING</a>: After being denied 5 minutes alone in a room with disgraced Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, the father of one of his victims was tackled and handcuffed after charging the witness stand: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; WCPO (@WCPO) <a href="">February 2, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Judge Cunningham decided not to formally charge the father of two sexual assault survivors, who leaped at Nassar after previously asking the Judge for "five minutes in a locked room with that demon".

As America watched, the majority of people were angry with law enforcement for stopping him. Each and every one of the victims, as well as the public, would have been greatly pleased it the father could return legitimate justice to Nassar.

The scandal has rocked the nation and has also shined a light into the darkest crevices of American culture.

Inside of that underworld, where pedophilia runs rampant, the sickening desire to have sex with or forcefully rape and torture children tends to circulate amongst those who are hired to nurture and teach our children.

We too often hear of children being raped, molested, or abused at the hands of these deviants.

Larry Nassar is just the tip of the iceberg, but his case confirms to the public that there are demonic entities amongst us who gain pleasure and gratification from sexually assaulting children.

Multiple Hollywood elites, politicians, and athletes have faced similar accusations. As well as thousands of everyday citizens were later convicted of heinous crimes against the innocent, with family and friends having no idea the person they thought they knew could be capable of such evil.

Nassar has been accused of molesting over 265 women and children, all of which he was supposed to train and protect. Instead, he abused his place as a role-model and an authority figure to traumatize those hundreds of innocent young girls destroying their lives forever.

America has a pedophilia problem, with demonic child molesters and sickening perverts such as Larry Nassar being brought from the shadows they once hid within into the visibility of American justice.

No prison sentence can ever restore the lost innocence now missing from their lives. Larry Nassar is a <i>bastard-spawn of Satan</i>, and he belongs in the prophetic lake of fire in the furthest depths of hell to suffer and burn for all of eternity.

Although today's sentence is more time added to Nassar's already life-sentence behind bars, there are still active investigations and more claims of abuse coming forward.

The United States Olympic Committee and the Michigan Attorney General are both launching their own independent investigations that no doubt cost countless millions of dollars to gain almost nothing in increasing Nassar's sentence.

There's no winning solution. The victims in each of the cases deserve to be heard and deserve to see Nassar stand trial for his crimes.

Yet he's already behind bars for the remainder of his life, where he will be fed, clothed, and housed on the taxpayer's bill.

I fail to see the <i>justice</i> in any of these cases. Watching him mauled by lions would still be too good for Nassar.

The fact of the matter is, there is no rehabilitation for pedophiles and there is zero prison time that can restore humanity to the innocent victims.

It's crucial that American consider returning to a means of<a href=""> public executions for pedophiles </a> who harm children, to ensure that it sends a message to others who wish to deprive a child of his or her innocence by sexually assaulting them.

Larry Nassar is a tragic case, but it has a lasting effect of feeding a "red pill" to America on pedophilia, the dangers it poses to our children, and how the left wing continues to try to normalize it as well as protect those accused of such evil.

<b>Burn in hell, Larry Nassar.</b>

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Anonymous No. 17570 2018-02-05 : 18:49

This guy is a choir boy compared to what the Hollywood and DC kikes get away with including our kike subverted alphabet agencies.

Catholic Wife No. 17585 2018-02-05 : 23:42

It doesn't help that police are handcuffed and not allowed to investigate anything to gather evidence. Instead, they tell people who call 911 to let them know when it is happening so the police can catch the bad guy in the act. Well, unfortunately, this is usually not possible. Totally unfair that red tape politics gets in the way of stopping crime. Enough is enough! Set police free to investigate crimes, and fire those that are too cowardly or lazy to do so, and fire politicians that do not set them free to do their jobs!

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