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Steve Wynn Sexual Assault Suit Details Revealed

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The fallout from the Steve Wynn sexual assault lawsuits keeps spreading, with new details leaking every day like a broken faucet. The latest story involves Mr Wynn pressuring a waitress into sex, telling his former employee he had “never had a grandmother before” and wanted “to see how it feels.”

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The court documents of one of those cases, mentioned in the Wall Street Journal story published last month, meant a fall from grace for the Las Vegas mogul.

The main story in the Journal at the time were that Mr Wynn had pressured a manicurist into sex and later paid her a $7.5 million settlement. However, a so far undisclosed court filing details additional allegations against the man at the time he ran The Mirage.

The allegations were part of story that was written in 1998, but never published.

Given the recent claims against Mr Wynn, the Las Vegas newspaper has now decided to publish the details.

In the lawsuit, some 11 Mirage waitresses claimed Mr Wynn had said they were required to lose weight. More specifically, one of the plaintiffs, Ms Earlene Wiggins, disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted by Mr Wynn.

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She told the newspaper: “I did it willingly, because I felt like I had to.”

“I didn’t really want to. I was afraid for my job.”

Mr Wynn told her: “So many new and young girls to choose from, and you know having sex with you makes me feel terrible.”

Ms Wiggins responded: “Why don’t you just leave me alone?”

Three other waitresses, part of the same lawsuit, confirmed Ms Wiggins story.

Ms Wiggins continued: “That was embarrassing for me. ‘I have eight children to support. I need this money. And it’s not right for the other cocktail waitresses.”


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