By: Kyle James | 02-07-2018 | News
Photo credit: DHS | Joseph Kaczmarek

Classified Super Bowl Anti-Terrorism Documents Left on Commercial Flight

Classified documents relating to how the government would handle a biological warfare attack on the Super Bowl were left behind on a commercial flight.

The documents belong to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and detail a simulated biological warfare attack. They were left inside the seat pocket of a commercial aircraft and an employee of CNN found the documents Monday.

The employee described the documents saying they included the phrases, "important for national security" and "For Official Use Only." What would happen if a terrorist organization actually planning an attack got a hold of these documents?

No doubt it would seriously compromise the emergency response to an attack and possibly even allow for a far more devastating result by directly countering any emergency procedures outlined in the document.

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A spokesman from the DHS named Tyler Houlton said, "This exercise was a resounding success and was not conducted in response to any specific, credible threat of a bioterrorism attack."

The documents discovery was not reported immediately due to the fear that doing so before the game could compromise the game's security.

A bioterrorism attack may actually be the last thing to worry about at games like the Super Bowl. After the big game each year, violent riots break out across US cities and thousands and thousands of dollars in damage is done.

In Philadelphia, police say they arrested four people Sunday night during the riots after the Super Bowl and that number is only going to grow.

Commissioner Richard Ross confirmed police are using surveillance video, social media, and other evidence to catch those responsible for smashing windows, vandalizing property and other destruction.

Ross said in an interview, "These people are not off the hook,” he said in an interview. "When we find out who they are, we’re going to arrest them."

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Anonymous No. 17689 2018-02-07 : 04:28

Government says the drill was a "massive success". Really? Leaving classified documents where anyone can get their hands on them is a "success"? The incompetence is astounding. Good thing it wasn't a terrorist who found the documents

Anonymous No. 17695 2018-02-07 : 05:59

CNN employee found it! God bless it was probably the only one that wouldn't have hunted down a terrorist and hand it over to hopefully screw trump. Maybe there is still hope left in some of these msm news outlets. ;)

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