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Rep. Devin Nunes: AG Lynch, Secretary of State John Kerry Knew about Dossier

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on the attack against the Democrats on Sunday. He targeted their efforts of distraction from the facts surrounding the illicit surveillance by the Obama Administration as well as the endless charade the mainstream media has attempted to run on behalf of the Democratic Party.

During the interview with FOX News, Nunes launched a direct retaliatory response the claims made by Democrats of alleged "Russian collusion," stating that Barack Obama's Department of Justice and State Department were fully aware of the surveillance of the Trump campaign and eventual transition team.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes said, "Anyone who was talking to Carter Page was likely picked up by authorities," suggesting that Page may have been the "insurance policy"<a href=""> planted by the FBI </a>in order for Obama to obtain his illicit<a href=""> FISA desires </a>for surveillance to assist Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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Amidst the controversial Fusion GPS Dossier, much of the media has largely ignored the fact that the entire efforts of the Obama Administration to use the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an arm of the Democratic Party not only denigrates our nation's elections but shows a desire of a taxpayer-funded law enforcement agency to interfere based upon partisan demands.

"The Attorney General [Loretta Lynch] was briefed in the Spring of 2016, so we know she was made aware," Nunes said on FOX News. "We know now, from the people in the State Department who've said that John Kerry, Secretary Kerry was briefed on the Dossier."

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Representative Nunes goes on to attack the media, saying "We know most of the news media was briefed on the Dossier. So all of this was out there. Everybody but the Trump Campaign, the Republicans, and the American people." the House Intelligence Committee Chairman said. "Everybody outside of those three groups… Knew about the Dossier, and were actively trying to open investigations, start investigations, to use this dirt to try and go after the other [Trump] campaign."

In the interview, Representative Nunes went on to say, "The collision is right in front of our eyes," referencing the fact that the Clinton Campaign and the Obama Administration absolutely colluded with foreign intelligence agents and foreign governments to attempt to take down President Trump.

After the endless turmoil on Capitol Hill involving the release of the FISA memorandum from the Democratic Party, Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) has announced that his party isn't attempting to hinder the release, saying "We actually want the Democratic memo out. We think it's ridiculous on the face of it," as reported by<a href="> The Hill</a>.

The Democratic Party via<a href=""> Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) </a>attempted to place intelligence information that President Trump has referred to as "sources and methods," inside of the memo on Friday to intentionally force the President to send the memo back to the House Intelligence Committee for review of the added information in order to decide if anything inside of it would hinder their investigation into the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.

It was the hope of Democrats who sit on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees that by forcing President Trump to deny the<a href=""> eventual release </a>of their memo they could use the weekend news cycle to spew rhetoric against the Trump Administration and accuse them of either "hiding information from the American people," or having a "bias which prevented the release" of the memo.

Neither is true, and the Democrats were caught in the act. House Intelligence Committee Member Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) went on a tirade on both Friday and Saturday in an effort to put on a show for the media with a fictitious sense of frustration.

The reality is, President Trump wants to release a<a href=""> completely unredacted </a>memorandum, and without prior approval from the House Intelligence Committee some of the information inside of the Democratic Party's memo would have to have been redacted.

While the President has the authority to<a href=""> declassify the information </a>inside of the document if he did so without the approval of the Committee Democrats would have accused him of releasing information that would have an impact on the HIC investigation.

The explosive content of the<a href=""> Nunes memo </a>in and of itself has been largely ignored by the mainstream media and the Democrats, who are now clawing their way up the totem pole to retain any sort of significance.

It was a clever ploy by the Democratic Party, but they didn't expect the Trump base to quickly realize what they'd done and for what reason.

It backfired again on the Democrats because they still<a href=""> fail to realize </a>that President Trump has a direct line of communication with the American people as a result of Twitter.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) fired back at Schiff and the Democrats saying, "We think it's very political how about they attack myself, they attack Chairman Gowdy, they turn Carter Page into some super-secret Russian spy, they talk about how Christopher Steele is a really, really good source when we know that he lied to the FBI."

Nunes went on to suggest that he's unsure as to why the Democratic Party are in the process of "redacting it so that we can get it back to the White House so the President can declassify it."

Counsel to the White House, Don McGahn, wrote a letter directly to the House Intelligence Committee's Chairman Nunes stating that "although the President is inclined to declassify" the highly anticipated Democratic memo, that the President's administration thinks that the information inside of the memo under current circumstances raises "especially significant concerns" for both "national security and law enforcement interests."

What happens this coming week will be more red-tape through our slow-moving government as the House Intelligence Committee resumes sessions to further analyze the Democratic memo for release to send back to the President, and continues their investigation efforts.

The American people are growing impatient, but unfortunately, this is how Congress takes months if not years to finish a thorough investigation process on the hill, despite the overwhelming evidence that seems to be mounting against the Clinton campaign and those within both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As more information becomes public, we're witnessing the Obama Administration become further implicated if not complicit in crimes committed against civilians and the Trump campaign.

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