By: Steve Dellar | 02-12-2018 | News
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ISIS ‘Beatles’ Tried To Escape To Turkey

Whilst the US and the UK keep meddling as to whether the ISIS terror cell of 4, nicknamed the ISIS ‘Beatles’ will be sent to Gitmo or to a UK jail, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have released more details as to their capture.

The group of four who were the henchmen of notorious terrorist ‘Jihadi John’, the killer of the ISIS death cult made famous by the multiple videos appearing of him on the internet, tried to escape to Turkey before their arrest by the SDF forces, which are supported by the US army.

This has led some to believe there might be support for ISIS in Turkey.

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Mr Kino Gabriel, a spokesman for the coalition fighters, commented: "Both of them were trying to escape to Turkey during the time (of their arrest) - our anti-terrorist unit conducted their operation and managed to capture them."

"We have been investigating with them since then and we are trying to get more information regarding the crimes that have been committed by them and to be able to get any information about their victims.

"So far we have confirmed that they belong to The Beatles gang, that is famous with the torture of foreign nationals who have been captured by ISIS or Daesh.”

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"We cannot release any more information regarding their situation or regarding the information we got from them because the investigation is still ongoing and we would still wait till the investigation is over."

The two ISIS members are originally from London and are believed to have tortured and beheaded dozens of people.”

"After everything is over we will take a mutual decision with SDF's international partners regarding their future and whether they are going to be tried here or whether they will be moved to England."


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Somebody shoot those f*rs already

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