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Roseanne Criticizes Hillary, Says Trump Is Great

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The still immensely popular Roseanne Barr explains her relentless support for President Trump once again in a clip from an upcoming interview. The star says Americans are lucky to have Donald Trump in the White House whilst lambasting Hillary Clinton for her campaign choices.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">&#39;Roseanne&#39; star <a href="">@therealroseanne</a> says &quot;we&#39;re lucky&quot; to have Trump as President: &quot;Trump offended half of America and [Hillary Clinton] offended the other half, so that’s great for sitcoms. It&#39;s great for comedy.&quot; <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Roseanne</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#ABC2020</a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; 20/20 (@ABC2020) <a href="">February 15, 2018</a></blockquote>

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She said: “In ‘The Rosanne Show,’ I’ve always tried to have it be a true reflection of the society we live in. I feel like half the people voted for Trump and half didn’t, so it’s just realistic.”

“And, in fact, it was working-class people who elected Trump, so I felt like that was very real and something that needed to be discussed and especially about polarization in the family and people actually hating other people for the way they voted, which I feel is not American.”

Roseanne has always portrayed the working class in her very popular sitcom and praised Trump for having talked about ‘jobs’ during the election campaign. According to her folksy wisdom, that’s what got President Trump into the White House anyway.

“He talked about jobs. That’s what you need to do if you want working people to vote for you. Not Syrian airspace.”

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“I don’t think Hillary talked about jobs much. She was always just talking about Syrian airspace. Do you think people in America care? Maybe they do, I didn’t, though.”

“Trump offended half of America and she Hillary Clinton offended the other half, so that’s great for sitcoms.”

“It’s great for comedy. We’re lucky to have him as a president, it’s great for comedy.”


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