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FBI AND DOJ Investigators Seething in Anger With Decision To Let Hillary Off The Hook

Letting Hillary Clinton go scot-free even if she has committed a criminal act has FBI and DOJ career agents and attorneys privately seething in anger as all their hard work and dedication on the Hillary email case has been put to waste, and all in the name of Hillary's presidential ambition.

A senior FBI officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, exclusively told Fox News Channel that the officers, agents, and lawyers who have worked on Hillary's case has been unanimous in their belief that charges should have been filed against Clinton. FBI Director James Comey's dramatic announcement on July 5 that the agency will not be filing any case against Hillary has left members of the investigative team " dismayed" and " disgusted".

More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked round the clock for a year with 6 attorneys from the DOJ's National Security Division Counter Espionage Section to probe the case.

The source whose identity and role in the investigations have been independently verified by Fox News believes the decision to let Hillary off the hook was a "top -down decision". It has demoralized hard working agents and officers who are all convinced Hillary should have been prosecuted.

Andrew Napolitano, a former judge and senior judicial analyst for Fox News Channel, says those agents and officers have built a strong case against Hillary, that is why they are justifiably enraged that the case never moved forward. They also believe the decision not to prosecute came all the way from the White House.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are, of course, both Democrats and close allies. Obama has been actively supporting Clinton to succeed him.

Dennis Hughes, the first chief of the FBI's Computer Investigations Unit, believes also that the cowardly whitewash of Hillary's mishandling of classified information using an unauthorized private email server has " politicized the FBI" and that the once esteemed organization's reputation will " suffer for a long time".

Comey was also blamed for single-handedly ruining the reputation of the agency. Though it is also likely that Comey merely followed the instructions of his boss, Atty.General Loretta Lynch who was reported to have secretly met with Bill Clinton prior to non-filing of charges announcement of Comey.

What are the implications of this?

In the early part of 2015, it was disclosed that Hillary Clinton had used a private email server in her New York home to conduct government business while serving as Secretary of State from 2009-2013. The emails on the private server included thousands of messages that would later be marked retroactively as classified. Federal law says it is a crime for a government employee to possess classified information in a manner that is not secure.

Hillary is running for the highest position in the country, but has no discomfort nor qualms in violating the law and damaging institutions to escape accountability.

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Major James Burdock No. 198 2016-10-14 : 09:27

Mr. Cherney,

Our records are now showing that the cost of the investigation into Hillary's email server at her Chappaqua home has now exceeded $50,000,000

The proper assessments have yet to come in primarily because we are spit-balling what a direct fiber connection would have cost, but it appears that the taxpayers could have purchased "Perfect Privacy LLC" along with approximately 15+% of the market value of her local internet service provider by now.

This includes the cost of the home.

Details forthcoming.


Major Burdock

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