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Illegal Immigrant Stole His ID, Now He Can't Get Unemployment Benefits

Thanks to an illegal immigrant, David Omlor cannot get unemployment benefits after losing his job. An illegal immigrant has been using Omlor's ID and Social Security number to live and work in America.

An Internal Revenue Service Inspector General report found the federal government does a poor job of warning ID theft victims someone is using their social security number. Instead of warning ID theft victims, the IRS pockets an estimated $11 billion in taxes annually from people in the US illegally.

That leaves people like David Omlor out of luck and on the hook for taxes on income he didn't earn. Juan Carlos Estrada-Hernandez was arrested for identity theft and appeared in a Douglas County courtroom for a bond hearing. "It's ridiculous to give him bond," David Omlor said.

It took Omlor years to figure out Estrada-Hernandez was using his social security number. His tax accountant was baffled over just why he was receiving letters and audits for income Omlor didn't claim. Omlor told them repeatedly he didn't work anywhere else.

When Omlor went to file for unemployment benefits, he was turned down because their records showed he worked at one of the largest construction firms in the state of Georgia. "I'm wondering how I'm going to put food on the table," he said. "And the Department of Labor's telling me I'm working."

Villa Rica police and Cobb County police eventually arrested Estrada-Hernandez but not until after he had used Omlor's identity at over 21 employers. "He's committed a felony, He's using someone else's identity. He should be deported," Omlor said.

A police officer in Anchorage was even caught and lost his job after authorities figured out he was here illegally and using an American's name and social security number. Rafael Mora-Lopez served time in federal prison for the crime but is not known if he was deported.

Juan Carlos Estrada-Hernandez used Omlor's identity for nearly a decade before being found guilty of forgery in the fourth degree. He was sentenced to 10 years probation, fined $1000 and ordered to pay Omlor $5000.

Estrada-Hernandez's attorney said, "He was under the understanding when he first starting using it that it was for someone who's deceased and didn't think it was going to hurt anybody."

"These immigrants have legal children in the United States," Omlor added. "But they're not legal themselves. What do you do? I think something needs to be done with immigration. I'm not sure exactly what that is."

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Anonymous No. 18973 2018-02-21 : 15:23

Well… you can't Juan 'em all.

Anonymous No. 18981 2018-02-21 : 16:31

So according to the lawyer its fine to illegally use a dead persons info??? Wow this is where we are at in the courts!! Any decent judge should just laugh at that claim as its an admittance of wrong doing.

Send them back!!!!!!!!!!

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