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CNN Reporter Drew Griffin Harasses Elderly Florida Woman Accusing Her of Supporting Russians

The "fake news" outlet known as CNN knows no moral boundaries, which was proven again after a group of reporters from the failed mainstream media outlet was caught harassing an elderly woman in Florida.

As if the outlet could get any lower to the bottom of the barrel in terms of journalistic integrity, CNN chose to further obsess over alleged "Russian interference" in the 2016 elections by stalking the Florida woman, who runs a pro-Trump Facebook group for those on the social media giant who support the President of the United States of America.

Florida resident Florine Gruen Goldfarb, was made known by CNN's Drew Griffin that her group had become the target of alleged "Russian trolls," as part of the claims that similar groups had infiltrated support arenas for the President in an effort to subvert the users.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">A Florida woman who ran a Trump supporters page that unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event on Facebook says she doesn’t believe that she was influenced by Kremlin-linked trolls <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; CNN (@CNN) <a href="">February 21, 2018</a></blockquote>

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CNN seemingly believes that American citizens cannot support President Trump with their own thought process, not only a slap in the face to those users but an effort to insult their intelligence.

When CNN sent Griffin and his team to Pembroke Pines, Florida, his intention was to attempt to interrogate the woman as if she'd somehow been knowingly supportive of the alleged "Russian trolls".

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Griffin harassed the woman saying, "But what part of it in this is a coverup? Are you saying that's not true, or what?"

"Um, the Russians? I don't care if they were involved or not," said Florine Gruen Goldfarb. "That to me is the least important thing."

Of course, Griffin cuts her off mid-sentence asking, "But they were involved with you. Did you guys know that?"

Looking disgusted with Griffin, Florine Gruen Goldfarb said, "They weren't involved with us. Just make sure that you guys report it correctly."

The implication from CNN is that this innocent woman, a Trump supporter, somehow is supposed to know who each person on the platform actually is.

Apparently, CNN fails to realize just how easy it is to create an account, add a picture, and join similar groups.

What this type of harassment does, is causing people to fear publicly supporting the Republican party or the President of the United States of America, where they'll now risk being labeled as a foreign agent for doing so.

Griffin continues his grilling of the woman saying, "But you guys were involved with being Patriotic, right?"

"Very, very patriotic but not…," before Florine Gruen Goldfarb could even finish her sentence, Griffin cuts her off in an effort to "correct her".

"BEING patriotic was the group that contacted and helped organize some of these activities," Griffin says. "That you posted on your own Facebook account."

This harassment is disturbing to watch at best. This is an elderly woman who supports President Trump, on Facebook, the most widely used social media platform on the planet, and she clearly had no idea that some of the users could have been "Russians."

That doesn't stop Griffin from demanding an answer though.

"Those were legitimate," Florine Gruen Goldfarb says. Griffin cuts in saying, "Those were Russians."

Defensive now, and clearly insulted, Florine Gruen Goldfarb says, "Those were not Russians! I don't go with the Russians."

"That group was Russian," Griffin alleges.

"I had nothing to do with the Russians, the groups…" Florine Gruen Goldfarb tries to respond as Griffin yet again cuts her off being a total jackass. "Well, apparently you did," Griffin says loudly.

Personally, this is the moment when I'd have smacked Griffin. He's lucky that a younger member of Florine Gruen Goldfarb's family wasn't present with this type of attitude and harassment occurring towards the elderly.

"Maybe you didn't know it, but you did," Griffin says, insinuating that Florine Gruen Goldfarb was somehow assisting "Russians."

"Oh please, when you are talking like this, I don't want to have anything to do with you," Florine Gruen Goldfarb.

I have to say just watching this is infuriating folks. It's disturbing, and outright harassment.

This is what CNN considers to be "newsworthy?" It's despicable, to say the least. This is in no way an interview, but an effort to destroy this woman's pride, as well as harass her.

CNN is a joke, and anyone who sees this footage will certainly feel the same.

Clearly, CNN didn't listen to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s announcement last Friday saying that, "There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election."

Not only did CNN publish this woman's name doxing her, but they've now put her at risk from Antifa vandals or any leftist trolls who decide to harass her.

What a disgraceful means of reporting.

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Larry No. 19002 2018-02-21 : 22:28

Send this prick to my house. he will learn a very quick lesson

Anonymous No. 19004 2018-02-21 : 23:21

Why is CNN still shown in too many Food eateries and US Airports?

Norma Rider No. 19005 2018-02-21 : 23:34


Anonymous No. 19008 2018-02-21 : 23:52


Do you suppose this kike bitch is some sort of crisis actor being paid by CNN or CNN's handlers?

Anonymous No. 19012 2018-02-22 : 01:40


Dan VanDam No. 19067 2018-02-22 : 14:58

I read and study as much as I can from various sources. The Top two that are the absolute worst "news' outlets are cnn and msnbc. Why any one would depend on these outlets is unexplainable, unless they are either totally ignorant or feeding on lies and deciept! Wake up to the trash and look elsewhere.

Elaine No. 19243 2018-02-24 : 16:26

The level of venom and hatred toward any who don't promote the tyrannical, psychopathic diatribe of the failed democratic party is insane. The Communist Party in the United States has reportedly filed a lawsuit against them for stealing their party platform. The real issue is whatwe as a nation will tolerate. DNC crimes, and they have been many are ignored while those who support the duly elected president are targeted as if they were felons.

Jollee No. 19342 2018-02-25 : 15:46

I think this is horrible and outrageous behavior , that could be my grandmother, its hurtful to see this. After Donna Brazile and this, I cannot trust this news agency, I will never watch or recommend them. Shame on CNN!

IceMule No. 19006 2018-08-30 : 18:50

#FakenewsCNN at it again. I saw this when it first came out and it's just crazy what #FakenewsCNN will do to advance their narrative, should be talking to Obozo and ask him why he didn't stop any Russians as President.

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