By: Steve Dellar | 03-04-2018 | News
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China Issues War Warning To Taiwan Over US Bill

China has upped the stakes over its anger about the US accepting legislation that promotes closer ties with the island of Taiwan.

Its (state-run) media this week issued a ‘War Warning’ in some commentaries and editorials, claiming that the new US policy (which only needs President Trump’s signature to be enacted) would allow officials at all levels to travel to Taiwan to meet their Taiwanese counterparts, and, in turn, also permit high-level Taiwanese officials to enter the US "under respectful conditions."

China's Taiwan Affairs Office stated that: "We also sternly warn Taiwan: Do not rely on foreigners to build yourselves up, or it will only draw the fire upon you."

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Furthermore, the China Daily newspaper issued an editorial directly aimed at the Taiwanese President, Ms. Tasai Ing-wen, warning her that "if she persisted, [this] would lead to the inevitable consequence of triggering the Anti-Secession Law that allows Beijing to use force to prevent the island from seceding."

"Since the US is bound by domestic law to act on behalf of the island in that instance, it would only give substance to the observation that the descent into hell is easy."

Lastly, another Chinese newspaper, the Global Times went even further, claiming that the signing of this bill would "make targeted measures against pro-independence forces in Taiwan."

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"Militarily, the strength of the People's Liberation Army has fundamentally changed the military and political situation across the strait."


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