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US Health Secretary: There Is No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana

Even as more than half of the 50 states in America have legalized medical marijuana, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar says, "There really is no such thing as medical marijuana."

Ohio prepares to add itself to the growing list of states by issuing licenses to cultivators, processors, and dispensers. But even as more and more states are legalizing, Azar still stands behind the ignorant government rhetoric that marijuana has no medical uses.

Azar cited the FDA in his reasoning saying, "There is no FDA approved use of marijuana, a botanical plant. I just want to be very clear about that." When he made the statement, Azar was responding to a question about what role he sees medical marijuana playing as an alternative to opioids for pain relief.

Cresco Labs Ohio LLC has obtained a license from the state to build a medical marijuana cultivation facility in Yellow Springs. All the while, billions of dollars are spent on weed that is boosting the economies of states that have legalized marijuana.

Azar adds that the federal government is focused on the development of pharmaceutical alternatives to opioids. Billion dollar companies like McKesson deal their addictive, lethal pills uninhibited by government agencies like the DEA, <a href="">even when they are caught sending suspicious shipments</a> of millions of pills to towns of only a few hundred people.

It is the government's lax position on Big Pharma companies that let the opioid crisis get out of control, and now the US Health Secretary's big idea is to make more pills and continue to deny the American people a natural alternative?

"We are devoting hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of research at our National Institutes of Health as part of the historic $13 billion opioid and serious mental illness program that the President and Congress are funding," Azar said.

"Over $750 million just in 2019 alone is going to be dedicated towards the National Institutes of Health working in public-private partnership to try and develop the next generation of pain therapies that are not opioids."

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Anonymous No. 19827 2018-03-04 : 11:41

Let's see, medicine should only be used to better a person's overall health and well-being, but when it goes to the point of being addictive, there's a limit to how the argument shifts from "Recreational Marijuana" to "Medical Marijuana" can help with your argument of legalizing the whole thing when the drug culture is still fucked up there.

Anonymous No. 19842 2018-03-04 : 15:58

I think it's pretty obvious that the majority of Americans want at minimum the medical version legalized.

What this debate proves is it's not what we the people want it's what big brother decides is better for us.

That first poster must've had their morning wake n bake session before typing that incoherent string of words??

Anonymous No. 19890 2018-03-05 : 10:41

When commercials for ALL FDA approved drugs admit VERBALLY that the drug can cause liver failure, heart damage, serious side effects, and DEATH, that’s ok. Being Free Americans, perhaps it’s time to end the FDA and it’s butt buddies that are killing Americans smugly with their poisons.

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