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Mad Maxine Waters Suggests President Trump is Racist for Questioning her IQ

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has completely lost her mind, and she continues to prove this with her relentless unintelligible attacks upon the President of the United States of America.

On Sunday, "Mad" Maxine Waters continued her rhetoric of hate and deception on the MSNBC show AM Joy with host Joy Reid, taking shots at the President over comments he made at the Gridiron Dinner.

President Trump, at the Gridiron Dinner, said of Maxine Waters, "Maxine Waters: ‘He must be impeached!' That's all she knows how to say. ‘He must be impeached! Impeached!' But he's done nothing wrong? It doesn't matter, they say. What has he done wrong? ‘I don't know! You got to be impeached!' And then I say… I get I trouble for this, ‘She had to immediately take an IQ test.'"

The President was clearly telling jokes, while simultaneously mocking the complete ignorance of Maxine Waters, who sounds like a complete lunatic to anyone with half of a brain.

"This President has been called stupid, he has been called ignorant, and even his Secretary of State did not deny that he called him a moron," said Maxine Waters. "And so he has no credibility. He has been naming calling. He's been saying all kinds of things."

Amusing that Maxine Waters accused the President of the United States of America of "name calling," when that's literally all she's done since his election.

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"And I certainly expected him to come out with some racist remarks about me. So he did exactly what I expected him to do. And, by the way, I'm told he wasn't funny at all," said Waters, suggesting the President of the United States of America is somehow a racist.

Waters continued, "The most important thing this country can do now is to impeach this President and make sure we get rid of him and get ready for Pence in 2020."

Well, she's certainly got that last statement half-right. America will be getting ready for Vice-President Pence again in 2020 when he and President Trump are re-elected to office.

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Anonymous No. 19911 2018-03-05 : 15:43

Where did Mad Max get all that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Follow the money

anonymous No. 19917 2018-03-05 : 17:14

If I lived in a $1,000,000 house on a $50,000 a year salary you can bet someone will be looking into it and asking where'd I get the money?

SunnyDaysAll No. 19934 2018-03-05 : 23:53

Trump was right, again!!

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