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South Africa's Malema: Go After the White Man - We Are Cutting The Throat or Whiteness

If you're one of the people still asleep at the wheel when it comes to ‘White Genocide' in South Africa - it's time you wake up - and realize that innocent people are being murdered en masse - based solely upon their skin color - just because they're white.

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The racist South African leader Julius Malema has been one of the leading voices advocating for the death of Whites in South Africa, as the majority of leftist political parties in America and across the globe have tried to deny that such a prejudice genocide was ever occurring.

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Not only is White Genocide real, but it's threatening to eliminate the white race from South Africa, taking everything the white man or woman may have, simply because they're white.

Just last week the South African Parliament voted to<a href=""> confiscate land from white farmers</a>, based on no reason other than they're white, and the savage animals of the violent and oppressive regime continues to kick in the doors of the white families on a daily basis, murdering the men, raping the women, and oftentimes raping and killing the children.

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South Africa has a vile reputation for being a hotbed of attacks against white farmers and violence roaring from factions within the sects of the continental governments.

People are being killed, en masse, and it has to end.

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Many Human Rights groups call what's occurring a "white genocide" that largely goes unnoticed by international press entirely. Such attacks have been contributed to organized crime and radicalized Muslim rebels as well as armed militias funded by Zimbabwe.

In Johannesburg, specifically, close to 59,000 people have been reported killed since Nelson Mandela fell from power. An estimated half million more have completely vanished without a trace.

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Recently a widely renowned criminal has escaped, said Johannesburg authorities. A 19-year-old Free State man that has ties to underground smuggling groups and militias.

Police became aware possibly through interrogations of the formerly detained criminal that a network of human trafficking was occurring nearby. Authorities were alerted to a home in Johannesburg where victims were being held against their will.

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Inside the home twenty, four young men and women were found being captive as possible slaves to human trafficking. Many claimed to have been raped and drugged as well as assault.

One man was found lying in a road near Mpumalanga where he was taken to a local hospital. After awakening, he said him and his twin sister both were paid to head from their Kroonstad home into Johannesburg after replying to an advertisement on social media offering to pay for medical students to attend a school in Gauteng.

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Such occurrences are typical in the region as the less educated population who is in severe poverty is manipulated into taking payment for travel then being kidnapped in what authorities believe to be an underground smuggling, sex, and human trafficking operation. It is fairly common for those suffering from poverty to accept these deals in order to attempt to feed themselves and their families.

A once resource and mineral flourishing region has deprecated into terror and civil war with murder and rape as part of the daily life. Police hope to further pursue these leads to lead to more possible victims who are being detained against their will forced to submit to such heinous acts.

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What's happening is a modern-day Holocaust, and the media is silent as it continues.

The vile, despicable racist leader Julius Malema announced to his supporters, "Go after a white man… We are cutting the throat of whiteness," in a racist, hate-filled call to mass murder Whites and steal their land.

The atrocities occurring are horrifying, and words cannot describe the heinous actions against innocent people which have been allowed to continue for so long.

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The world media remains silent.

The United States of America's media is silent as this continues as well.

This is not okay. The world is turning a blind eye to genocide.

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Nelson Mandela was a despicable communist who allowed three-quarters of a million people to be slaughtered under his reign.

What's happened since his death? Things have gone into overdrive. It's only become worse, and the media refuses to touch it. It makes me sick.

This is a modern-day Holocaust and it's being allowed to happen. The only coverage you're seeing on mainstream media is related to a<a href=""> worldwide meat recall </a>from South Africa due to<a href=""> Listeria </a>killing several hundred people.

It has to stop. The GOP and the President of the United States of America have to intervene. I don't care how they do it. Either bring those people into America, as refugees fleeing genocide, or send in the United Nations and end the terror.

Something has to happen. Save the Boer. Save these people.

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Anonymous No. 19977 2018-03-06 : 19:48

They deserve it for not going to brazil or another white country in south america.

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Good Article.

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oh my god :(

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Anonymous No. 20020 2018-03-07 : 07:07

Apartheid works, diversity is death

1968 No. 20092 2018-03-08 : 00:17

Yes this is despicable but the racism in the above comments are just as bad and those remarks lead us you believe that you could do the same henious acts to black ppl if given a chance. Your sickos! Quit repeating history & be a part of change in a positive way.

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