By: RIO | 03-29-2017 | News
Photo credit: Tempe Police Department

Telsa ‘Self -Driving Vehicles’ Are Not Safe In The Road

Let's take a minute to talk about self-driving vehicles. Just in the past few months there have multiple reports of accidents involving "self driving vehicles" across the United States. The state of Arizona has become in a sense the testing grounds for companies such as Tesla and Uber to put their new self-driving cars onto our roads to further their technology with no regards to the safety of the law abiding motorist that are unlucky enough to find themselves stuck in traffic with these pieces of junk spiraling down our roads!

A news report out of Phoenix stated that a police motorcade was recently struck by one of the new Tesla Model X vehicles forcing a motorcycle police officer to jump off his motorcycle to avoid being seriously injured by this smart driving vehicle while he was stopped at red light. This is just one of many startling reports involving what Tesla call's the vehicles "autopilot" feature, a feature that isn't intended to be fully automated driving but more along the lines of a advanced cruise control which still requires the driver to remain fully engaged while operating the vehicle.

Look I get it people! It's 2017 and technology is advancing extremely fast rate but when big name companies like Tesla start flooding into our cities to test 4 ton vehicles on the roads that families commute on everyday without any restrictions or regulations opposed on them it makes me wonder how much shady stuff must being going within these companies.

Public safety should be the absolute number one concern of these corporations, not how fast they can roll out their self-driving vehicles. The technology just isn't there yet to make self-driving cars a viable alternative to gasoline powered, human driven automobiles and even when the technology allows for self driven vehicles you better be sure these companies are going to be held the strictest standards on the road just like every other automobile manufacturer in the United States is held too. Airbags, emissions, abs braking, and safety testing are a just a few of the standards I'm speaking about. It's truly baffling that Tesla and Uber aren't restricted or regulated when they want to test their new vehicles on America's roads.

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