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O.J. Simpson Confesses Murdering His Ex-Wife to Book Publisher

A book publisher says O.J. Simpson ordered his lawyer to call her to make an admission about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Judith Regan published Simpson’s book “If I Did It.” Her revelation of Simpson’s confession through his lawyer is said to be the most damning part of the 2-hour special, “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession” which is set to be aired Sunday on Fox.

Entertainment site TMZ got access to an exclusive short clip from Regan’s interview with Fox that producers decided not to air where she shared stunning information about the book. She says that Simpson’s lawyer told her the book couldn’t be titled “I Did It“ because the former top athlete needed cover in dealing with his children.

The body of Nicole Simpson, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, was almost decapitated right at the door of her condo at the time it was discovered then as the former couple’s two children slept. If the dog did not catch the attention of a passerby, the Simpson children would surely have woken up to see the terrifying image of their mother’s mangled, bloody body.

“OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?” will show the discussion between Regan and Simpson that was filmed in 2006. Regan was then interviewing Simpson for the Harper Collins book the two were collaborating on “If I Did It.” The interview featured Simpson giving “a hypothetical account” of the night of the twin murders. Before the airing, Fox learned that Simpson got a $3.5 million paycheck for the sit-down interview, prompting the network to cancel the showing of the said special. The book was released, but the special never aired until now.

Regan recalled that Simpson’s lawyer reached out to her then to say Simpson is ready to make a confession but on the condition that they will present it as a “what if.”


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Anonymous No. 20245 2018-03-10 : 10:27

So now that he's had a parole hearing, been released from Prison and walking the streets …. now and only now is the public being told the he confessed years ago?

Anonymous No. 20270 2018-03-10 : 17:28

OJ rid the world of a coalburner and a kike. I fail to see the problem.

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