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Cheerleader's Death By Selfie

Aurora Sheffel was having the time of her young life. She's 14, she's her family's source of joy, a straight A high student, and she just made it to the varsity school cheerleading squad. And with the spring break on and with so many things to celebrate, she was just so excited to hit the beach with her friends. So she did.

And now, she's dead. No more exams to ace, A's to earn, no more cheers, jumps, splits, throws to experience for cheerleading, no more joy to bring to her family. Worst of all, that beautiful, young, and promising life ended just because of a selfie.

The girl from Eugene, Oregon died after a log she and a few friends were standing on while taking their selfie ( or "groupie") shifted in the surf. Her two friends were able to jump off the log but Sheffel failed to do so. Her body was trapped under the log. Bystanders came to her rescue, pulled her off from under the log. She was given CPR, and brought to the hospital. She later died there.

Her family is heartbroken by her unexpected death. People affected by her sudden and senseless death donated generously to a fund site to raise money for her funeral expenses. The Oregon State police said the tragedy happened during a heavy receding tide. The authorities warned the public to educate the young on the dangers of the beach.

What the police may have failed to include in the warning is to educate the public,-the young especially-  on the dangers of taking selfies as well. Because just as in the case of the 14- year old cheerleader, selfies can kill.

It is a cause for alarm that death by selfies are becoming a common thing. Priceonomics found out that 49 people have died as a result of some accident involving taking selfies since 2014. The average age of the victim is 21 years old. Such is the alarming increase in deaths caused by taking selfies that a CBS article says that last year alone, more people died from selfies than shark attacks. And many more people have been injured just by taking their own picture.

Some of the deaths caused by distracted photo takers include falling off cliffs, crashing cars, being hit by the train, and shooting themselves while posing with guns. Imagine, guns don't kill people- selfies do! Due to the alarming and perhaps unacceptable rise in deaths by selfies, drastic measures have been taken by other countries. In Mumbai, it is no longer legal to take selfies after 19 deaths by selfies in India. Pamplona officials have banned taking selfies during the Running of the Bulls. New York has become the first state to ban taking "tiger selfies" for obvious reasons.

It is also interesting to note that while girls take more selfies than boys, research shows that 75% of selfie victims are men.

Selfies can not only kill people, regardless if it's accidentally, but unfortunately, it also kills another important thing, next to the value of life: the joy of experiences. People have become more obsessed with proving to others especially on social media that they had experiences, rather than just living the moment, being "in the moment" and appreciating things as they occur. It has come to a point that people can not admire beautiful scenery without inserting themselves into them via pictures, or selfies.

Taking too many selfies not only kills the experience, but also kills the purpose of memories. Rather than remembering experiences with their hearts, minds and souls, people rely on pictures, selfies to remember their experiences by. Maybe it's time for a "selfie-less" society? And let’s not get into those annoying selfie-sticks…

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Anonymous No. 2036 2017-03-29 : 20:21

Stop with the fucking selfies you normie scum!

Kimberly Maier No. 2040 2017-03-29 : 23:07


You ran the story about Aurora Sheffel being killed on the beach in Bandon. I grew up with Aurora's mom and am a family friend. You posted in your article that Aurora was taking selfies at the time of her death. This is not true, and her mother would like for you to post a correction. Aurora's phone was not on her or even near her at the time of her death. Cora's mother has the last photo on her phone as proof if you need it. The point is, I need you to please post a correction. Aurora's mother can't bear the thought of her daughter being put in the category of stupid selfie taking during her death. Please, in the interest of honoring a hurting mother's heart, post the truth.

Thank you.

Tits or GTFO No. 2058 2017-03-30 : 13:11

Tits or GTFO, "Kimberly"

Anonymous No. 2063 2017-03-30 : 20:38

Ms. kimberly,

sorry for your loss, and to aurora's mother especially. just that there were other news that carried the same thing, that it was an accident while taking a group photo. this does not mean to cause further to the family, or mock aurora's death. as the article point out, it was a sorry loss because she was a great girl. the lesson is just to be extra careful when taking selfies.

Anonymous No. 2064 2017-03-30 : 20:39

* further sorrow

Anonymous No. 95270 2020-12-19 : 19:17

This is not what happened to my daughter. She wasn’t standing on the log, she wasn’t taking a “selfie” or even a “groupie”.

Word of mouth information, isn’t factual information to be published.

The lesson to be taken from all these inaccurate articles, sites like yours do not care who stumbles across them, you just want the clicks and shares. Your response to Kim was childish, you may have said “He did it, so I did it too”

All you media outlets made her out to be narcissistic and stupid. Truth, she wasn’t those things and I am so scared and sad for the day the internet becomes an everyday tool for her younger siblings.

She was 30 yards away from the shoreline, she was several feet away from the log, not on it. No one, not a single site mentions this except for the one major media source who actually contacted us. We gladly interviewed with them because of the respect they showed my daughter and us.

If you want the truth, read that one... Or better yet, and this is future advice- Do your own research, don’t just copy and paste lies. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the loss of life belonging to a child.

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