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Baltimore Rededicates Confederate Site To Harriet Tubman

The former location of two confederate statues that were removed depicting General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall has now been dedicated to abolitionist Harriet Tubman. The re-dedication took place Saturday at Wyman Park Dell just a few steps away from the now-empty pedestal that was once home to the Confederate Generals.

The statues were removed back in August after a white nationalist rally turned violent when counter-protesters who did not have a permit to be there showed up and incited violence. A woman was killed at the rally when a car drove through a crowd of the counter-protesters making it a "white nationalist" issue instead and ignoring the fact the victims were illegally gathered.

Social justice warriors came out in droves to deface, destroy and protest any inkling of American history they didn't like. Ultimately, this leads to the removal of dozens of historical monuments. Black residents touted the re-dedication as some kind of moral victory. One resident named Kim Williams said, "Means a lot to me. Very happy to see all these people come out and celebrate her day."

So-called "activist" Marvin Cheatham said, "We officially asked the mayor of the City of Baltimore to take down the two Confederate statues, and at the time we were asked what did we want in its place and without a doubt, everyone there said this needs to be Harriet Tubman."

"It helps bring the community values to important places and help to weave together the community. This place is really interesting. Since the statues were removed, it has become a gathering place," said Baltimore Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke. No whites were interviewed by about how they felt by CBS because their feelings are irrelevant to them.

Tubman was a slave born on Maryland's Eastern Shore who is described as a "heroine and beacon for all ages."

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Anonymous No. 20299 2018-03-11 : 09:42

OK Blacks took over Baltimore and are making it a Chocolate city. Just like that New Orleans Mayor now serving federal time for bribes wanted to do down there.

Baltimore Violent Crime is 2x that of Chicago.

Even the Baltimore city council has had a number of arrests.

The Mayor illegally uses City $$$$ to send school children to DC to Protest, while collecting Federal Taxpayer funds to keep the city operating due to poor management and wasteful spending.

If the real history of why the Civil war happened, was ever taught, there be a lot of ticked off Liberals and Blacks wondering why they were lied to and used. Google "The Ghost Amendment" .

Or the Federal proposal that Honest Abe reviewed and approved in 1862, to purchase slaves at $400 ea. as a compromise. Yes even 2 years after the war started. The Fed's even planned to return freed slaves to Africa seeing White European labor was in plentiful and cheaper supply.

All during the Civil War and years after, The Fed's allowed several states to retain salves, some in New England areas.

These type of facts are what the DC Swampers avoid teaching in US Dept of Education approved history books.

Stephen Greene No. 95148 2020-08-23 : 03:25


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