By: Kyle James | 03-11-2018 | News
Photo credit: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Indiana Parents Jailed For Having Sex With Their Three Children

Two parents in Crawfordsville, Indiana have been jailed for over a dozen crimes after authorities arrested them for having sex with their three children. Police say Keylin Lee Johnson, 52, and Sheila Lynn Johnson, 44, had sex with their three kids at various homes in west-central Indiana since 2012.

The investigation into the pair began when Montgomery County Sheriff's Office received a tip February 25 that the couple's two oldest children disclosed "possible sexual abuse" when they were visiting. Police arranged an interview with the oldest child the same day which revealed startling abuse.

The oldest child said his father, Keylin Johnson, had told him that "incest was a normal way of life" and "the best way to build a family bond was to have sex with your parents, particularly your mother." Court documents also said, "He (the father) also advised it was safer to have sex with people in your own family, rather than strangers."

That wasn't the only sexual abuse happening in the Johnson household. The oldest child "also indicated that his mother was involved in sexual relations with the family dog." The next day, investigators removed the youngest child from the Johnson's home in Montgomery County.

Police also recovered cellphones and computers from the home. When investigators interviewed the youngest child, they found that "both of her parents would do gross things in the home. She was shown sexual videos and pornography and that her aunt used to bring adult things to a residence in Mooresville and she observed the adults would do sexual things."

When police interviewed the mother, Sheila Johnson, she admitted to multiple acts of child abuse and incest with two of her children. She also admitted to bestiality with a dog and said her husband "would always want to role play and suggested mother-son sex scenarios."

When they spoke with the father, Keylin Johnson, he admitted "I am guilty of internet porn and other stuff" and said he was addicted to pornography. He also admitted to downloading and saving photos of one of his children naked. Since 2012 when the abuse allegedly began, the family has lived in Crawfordsville, Ladoga, New Market and Waveland.

The father faces 18 charges ranging from several counts of child molesting and incest to possession of child pornography. The mother also faces 17 charges of child molesting and incest as well as a count of bestiality. The couple is scheduled to appear in court in separate jury trials on July 31 and August 14.

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Anonymous No. 20313 2018-03-11 : 12:04

gaaaah, so sick…

Anonymous No. 20317 2018-03-11 : 12:40

So the Kids are actually full grown Adults.

Sick Family to say the least.

Anonymous No. 20347 2018-03-11 : 18:00

Got to be democrats..

Anonymous No. 20367 2018-03-11 : 22:04

"best way to bond?" damn

Debbie frederick No. 20376 2018-03-12 : 03:51

Jail would be too good for them!!! I will leave it at that.

Not a liberal No. 20448 2018-03-12 : 20:48

Guess they were some die hard democrats

Democrat for Morality No. 20609 2018-03-14 : 19:14

This is some very sick Republican stuff. Definitely part of Trump’s “Make America Gross Again” campaign.

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