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Utah Good Samaritan Trespasses to Put Out Apartment Fire

A stranger saw an apartment on fire, and without hesitation decided to play Good Samaritan by forcing his way into the unit on Sunday in Utah to extinguish a kitchen fire.

The Layton Fire Department said a man noticed a fire in the apartment, and no one seems to be at home at that time. The man then broke the glass to retrieve an extinguisher stored in the complex’s hallway, kicked the apartment door to force entry and put out the fire.

Batallion Chief Brad Wilkes said they arrived at the Quail Cove Apartment, near 248 West Antelope Drive, around 6:40 p.m. Sunday. Wilkes said the fire was mostly out by the time his team arrived on the scene.

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The firefighters spent some time then to verify and assure that the fire was out and the damage was limited to the single unit. The fire was contained in the kitchen. The estimated damage came to about $15,000.

Officials said it is not yet clear if the man who put out the fire lived near the unit or was just passing by. His identity was not released by the fire authorities either.

The Good Samaritan was checked out for smoke inhalation but did not require a hospital visit.

Wilkes was all praises for the man. He said: “He definitely did a good deed.”

The cause of the fire has not been officially established, Wilkes said, however, that they believe the fire started in the kitchen- likely due to some oil that was left unattended.

The occupant of the apartment was not home at the time of the fire and is displaced as a result of the fire. The individual is currently staying with relatives.


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Anonymous No. 20462 2018-03-12 : 23:59

An all too common "accident" when renters have issues with rental mgt.

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