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Immigrants Sue Trump Admin for Ending Their ‘Temporary’ Protected Status

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They have been allowed to stay in the country and work impermanently as a form of assistance for being affected by natural disasters or war that devastated the nations where they came from. Now, that the U.S. administration thinks that their time is up, immigrants from four countries and their American-born children have sued the Trump administration for wishing to end a program that lets them stay and work in the country legally- and temporarily.

Nine immigrants and five children from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan filed the suit in federal court in San Francisco on Monday alleging that the decision to end their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was racially motivated.

Such status is granted to countries ravaged by natural disasters or war. TPS allows citizens of such countries to remain in the U.S. until the situation improves back in their nations of origin.

The case is filed by the liberal American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. The group says more than 200,000 immigrants could face deportation due to the change in policy of the Trump administration.

The suit also seeks class-action status for the immigrants’ children.

In early January, the Trump administration announced that it will terminate the provisional residency permits of nearly 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in the U.S. since 2001. The government has given the immigrants with TPS status until September 9, 2019 to leave the U.S. or find a legitimate way to obtain a green card.

Salvadorans were granted the TPS after earthquakes hit El Salvador in 2001. The immigrants have their permits renewed on an 18-month basis since then. The government feels that it is time for the immigrants to go back to their home country since situation has improved since the devastation nearly two decades ago.


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Anonymous No. 20471 2018-03-13 : 03:31

You gotta go back

Anonymous No. 20486 2018-03-13 : 10:21

The DACA was ruled constitutionally illegal to begin with. Trump has allowed a Grace Period to allow Congress to work things out. The Open Borders Congress member saw to it, it FAILED to be fixed. They CONGRESS had MONTHS to reach a compromise. But The Open Borders Crowd stuck to their Socialist Open Borders Political Agenda causing the date of the deadline to be reached.


It is NOT TRUMP's fault.

Its Congress'.

Anonymous No. 20492 2018-03-13 : 13:08

I didn't know a foreign person could sue in us courts? Oh that's right they have an army of bleeding heart liberal retards probably sucking the welfare tit so they can spend all their time destroying the America my family fought for. If they are not sucking from the public trough people with a desire to see American ways destroyed like the old fuck soros. Send the whole stinking lot back as they didn't come here to stay and from now on we will build the displaced a damn tent in their shithole country.

There is a proper way to become a us citizen and any other way screws over the people doing it correctly and either makes them have to wait even longer or not get admitted. I know a few immigrants and they are some of the best Americans I have met. And the majority agree with me cause they still have family trying to immigrate correctly.

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