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Minnesota - School Van, Semi-Trailer Crash Leaving 7 Schoolchildren Injured

A crash took place in western Minnesota involving a school van and a semi-trailer leaving eight people injured, seven of whom are schoolchildren.

Swift County Sheriff John Holtz said that among those injured in the crash was the woman driving the school van. Holtz said the children injured are between the ages 8 and 16.

Holtz said the accident was very “traumatic “ especially since it involved vulnerable children. He described it as a “horrible crash.” He added: “And with the children involved… it really hits home.”

All the victims have been taken to the hospital but their conditions are unclear at this point. At least two of the victims were airlifted to hospitals in the Twin Cities. The man behind the semitrailer was unhurt.

The crash happened about 10 miles west of Benson, Minnesota on Monday afternoon. The sheriff’s office says the school children were in a Hancock Public School transport van.

Holtz said the van was “T-boned” when it entered the intersection. Holtz added: “The van was coming off a gravel road crossing a car road.”

Holtz said the man behind the semitrailer was evaluated at the scene but was also later released. The cause of the crash is still being investigated, including who was conclusively at fault for the accident.

Another account, however, says the semitrailer broadsided the school van.

Hancock Superintendent Loren Hacker said school officials are working with authorities to help students and their families.


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Anonymous No. 20484 2018-03-13 : 10:01

A updated article and picture is at:

It seem the whoever was on the PAVED Road had right of way and whoever was exiting the Gravel road had a Stop sight.

Location: County Road 20 and 130th Avenue Northwest the booneys

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