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White House ‘Hire American’ Policy Bad News For Indian And Chinese IT Workers

The ‘Buy American, Hire American’ policy of US President Donald Trump has consequences for the Chinese and Indian IT workers who come in droves to the US as the salary differences between continents are huge.

The increased scrutiny of the White House Administration on the H1B visas, for specialized skilled workers, being issued by the US (of which up to 70 percent go to Asian nationals) means that many Indian and Chinese IT workers see their dreams now go up in smoke.

An IT industry insider admitted that nearly 70% of all applications are now being sent through the dreaded request for evidence (RFEs) process, whilst in the past, some 90 percent of the applications were approved straight away as US companies needed IT-workers as soon as possible and didn’t bother checking that much.

The focus has now shifted to training American IT-workers.

Mr. Shivendra Singh, the president of the industry body representing Indian IT service companies abroad, stated: "We have seen the pressure increasing both from the administration side as well as the legislative side. We have seen many executive orders including the 'Buy American, Hire American' which came way back in March 2017."

"The proposed changes to the H1B's lottery system, which talks about being granted on wage levels or education or changes to the spouse visa, or third-party placements looking at employer-employee relationships and asking for more documentation is quite negative and increases paperwork."

"This is not to say that our companies don’t follow the right process of law. But this only increases bureaucracy without really making any difference to the value. Think of it that all these come at a time when Indian companies are hiring more than 100,000 local employees and making a substantial investment in the US."

Of course, the Indian industry heads themselves state it might be good that the ‘brain drain’ of seeing its most skilled workers leave, a process which had been going on for a decade, will slowly come down to more reasonable levels.


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Anonymous No. 20482 2018-03-13 : 09:44

It may sound cruel, but American needs to stop worrying about the World and start getting its own House in Order. We are $22+/- Trillion in debt and facing National Bankruptcy.

For too many years other countries have used the USA as a pressure Relief Valve to avoid addressing their own social, population and domestic issues.

Mexico, Central and South America's upper class Families that run the their countries would have been toasted many times over, had the USA conducted proper Border & Immigration Enforcement.

So as long as the USA fails to address Immigration control these Upper class families will continue to do as they please live high on the hog and not spend their $$$$, fixing their economies and societies.

Anonymous No. 20488 2018-03-13 : 12:29

Get out, you dog boilers and street shitters.

Anonymous No. 20489 2018-03-13 : 13:00

Anyone who thinks foreign it workers are a good idea for businesses let alone gov needs their head examined. We are still dealing with the Awan debacle, and I was if the understanding till I read this shit that he and his extended family was an isolated case.

Yes some Indian people are computer savvy but they cannot be allowed on gov servers. Some are the people that cold call people to tell them "dares a problim wit dour vindows, itis probabbably a wirus."

I agree with the 1st poster as well. We need to get our ducks in a row before hiring foreigners. It would be nice to see obummers massive deficits decreased as well.

Anonymous No. 20523 2018-03-14 : 00:00

I'm sick of seeing stinking smelly ass Indian streetshitters in the medical and it field.

Anonymous No. 20525 2018-03-14 : 00:21

No more Rajneesh (Steven) on customer service calls? Can’t understand the fuckers, bedbug ridden shitholers!

Anonymous No. 20568 2018-03-14 : 11:48

It seems the immigrants of the last 40 years are here to Milk the freebees that the Liberals keep handing out and us the taxpayers keep funding them.

A few years ago an estimate of how much the ILLEGALS drain our economy each week was once demonstrated. A popular Money Order/Wire Transfer company bragged it transferred over $418Million in CASH $$$ OUT OF the USA to Central / South American countries every Weekend.

That is about $21,736,000,000 a year to Latin America alone. $$$$ not being spend in the USA generating taxes that support those freebees .

BTW: This did not include other such Money order or International Bank companies or Xfer's to the Middle East or Asia.

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